Rustler Roost News 1-23-13

Posted January 22, 2013 at 8:49 pm

What “critters” can you make from fingerprints? Using several colors of ink pad, paper, markers and fingertips, kids made prints and then added facial features, limbs and whatever else they could think of to create people and animals. Some even added scenery to enhance their creations.

Throughout the week, several children’s books about Laura Ingalls Wilder were read and discussed: Going to Town, Deer in the Woods, Sugar Snow and Going West. Each featured a particular event described in a chapter of the Ingalls books and provided opportunity for a lot of discussion. It is a long way from covered wagons to computers, and to think that traveling 10-12 miles (to Ree Heights) was an all-day trip. After reading Sugar Snow, which is about the time of year when the sap of the sugar maples is running, the kids plotted out trails on the floor with painter’s tape, constructed trees, and built paper wagons and cabins to simulate the forest.

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Penguins were the topic one day. After a discussion about them the kids tried their hand at illustrating the birds, primarily using ovals of differing sizes.

An acrostic alphabet book, Winter, by Seven Schnur, provided the springboard for some creative writing. The kids changed the format just a bit to write an ABC book using couplets. With the older kids helping with the writing, the teams came up with some creative thoughts for descriptions and activities of winter.

Did you know the giant of Jack and the Beanstalk fame had a wife? After reading this different version of the story, the kids colored and cut the main events and mounted them on a long piece of butcher paper to retell/illustrate the story in mural form. While younger kids colored, a few older children put their creativity to use building a castle from boxes and tubes.

The wish list this week includes rinsed 2-litre soda bottles and #10 food cans.

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