Rustler Roost News 1-16-13

Posted January 16, 2013 at 11:45 am



SIXTEEN RUSTLER ROOST KIDS earned t-shirts for community service. Back row l to r, Callie Schlechter, Sydney Jessen,  Dayken Bossert, Kaden Koster, Aaron Castonguay. Front row, Davin Bossert, Sara Jessen, Colby Harrell and Preslie Russell. Not pictured, Abby Breitling, Camden Breitling, Erin Moncur, Garrett Neyens, Easton Thury, Adam Turner and Abby Turner.

Activities this week ran the gamut from bubbles to board games. Bubble paint art was a favorite experience – a time when it was perfectly fine to blow air through a straw into a soapy, colored liquid and make bubbles “grow” out of the container. Kids then gently laid white cardstock into the bubbles to create interesting patterns and colors.

HedBanz is a new game at the Roost. It enhances curiosity, deductive quick thinking, and logic; it’s fun for all ages. Each child asks questions of the other players about the “mystery” card he/she is wearing on his/her headband and must try to guess who/what is on their card before time runs out. This brings forth lots of interaction and giggles.

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With the gym free the kids tried interactive games. In an exercise in thinking left and right, the kids had to move to stay in the same position in relation to the direction Jeremy moved. Example: If you were in the line on his left you had to move to always be on his left side no matter which direction he turned.

With pool noodles and pucks (slices of pool noodles) relay teams “batted” the pucks to the far end of the gym and back. Those pucks are very unpredictable and the technique used to hit them affects how and where they move.

Duck was another team game played using big pom-pom type balls. It’s a challenge in throwing and catching and being the first team to complete the task.

A Cherokee story was read that brought forth the characteristics of kindness and forgiveness.

Colorful door hangers were made from craft foam. This provided some practice in tracing a pattern and cutting. Embellishments included foam shapes and markers.

Rustler Roost, a K-6 out-of-school-time program, provides snacks, recreation, projects, and homework assistance. For information call the Roost afternoons at 853-0180. Financial assistance is available for qualifying families.