Rustler Roost N E W S

Posted September 25, 2012 at 6:14 pm



CONCENTRATION and creativity at work as Roost kids design with pearler beads.

Hoops, balls, books, and beads pretty much sum up the past week at the Roost. Outdoors and in the gym hula hoops and balls of various sorts have been the objects of choice for recreation time. Early in the week the kids learned a tag game called Skunk with hula hoops as safe houses, but only until another enters the house. If tagged by the skunk you become the new skunk.

With Seuss as the probable theme for decorating at the court house this year, the kids have been hearing several books authored by Dr. Seuss and they’ve been thinking how they might incorporate the different stories into holiday decorations. They are also becoming aware of the lessons to learn from his books. From The Lorax the children learned about what happens and who is impacted when the natural resources are depleted. Yertle the Turtle taught the children that greed can cause many problems and it is not the best solution for getting what you think you want. Then, there are the problems caused by being too stubborn as presented in The Zax or the issues related to self-centeredness and envy in The Sneeches. Dr. Seuss has an amazing talent for using rhyme, rhythm, silly words, and certainly colorful characters to teach and entertain.

A bit of community service took place when the kids picked up tissue from homecoming throughout the high school/armory area. That did not get voted as the most fun activity of the day.

There is a new inhabitant in the Roost. She presented herself in pieces–a tomato cage, wig form, black raggedy dress, fiberfill, long stringy wig, a really ugly green face, and other miscellaneous items. Kids could see and feel all the components to dispel any fear they may have of not-so-pretty witches. The younger children could watch as the older kids assembled the parts. Now she (the witch) brings about giggles and the kids are positive her eyes follow them as they move about the room…

Near quiet came over the Roost as kids concentrated while making pretty designs with pearler beads–small plastic beads placed on various shapes with pegs–cupcake, flower, star, etc. When placed under a hot iron the beads melt together, are removed from the pegs, and the kids then have a colorful masterpiece. It takes planning and concentration to get those little beads on just the right pegs to get the perfect design.

On the wish list are a few more glass quart (or similar size) jars, as well as paper towel and toilet tissue rolls. We appreciate those that have appeared outside our door so far.

For information about the K-6 out of school time program call the Roost at 853-0180 afternoons.