Rustler Roost N E W S 10-31-12

Posted October 31, 2012 at 11:07 am

Fall is still in the air at the Roost. On the days of wonderfully warm weather the boys were into playing football and romping in the grass while the girls had fun with hula hoops and balls. On the chillier days older girls helped the younger ones learn to play Red Rover and the colder temps didn’t seem to hamper the spirits of the football players. With the not-so-normal school schedule this week the kids were happy to have time to play in the gym as well.

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Owls were the theme for the thank you packages for the FFA kids that helped with the pumpkin patch. Roost kids stirred up a batch of trail mix to fill baggies then affixed owls to the top of each bag. The owls were made using various sizes of paper punches.

Another activity was to make thank you notes that will be sent to those that have provided kindnesses recently. A rubber stamp was used to add green vines to the front of the card. Ovals punched from pumpkin colored card stock became pumpkins. The combination, plus a stamped “thank you” made the cards attractive and ready for use.

Veggie cans that were donated have become great vases for dried leaves, wheat, and slim cattails all used to create a fall centerpiece. The kids learned a few tricks about design, size, using picks, etc. for their creations. A piece of burlap pulled up around the can and tied with jute gave the piece an interesting and nature type look.

Since most of the kids had decorated pumpkins in some way for Halloween they each chose a pumpkin at the Roost to make into a more decorative piece. Using a variety of ribbon, pinecones, colorful leaves and raffia they created pumpkins interesting enough to be table centerpieces or room accents.

For information about the out-of-school time program call weekday afternoons at 853-0180 or stop in at our location in the Miller Armory.


Roost kids made owl toppers for bags of trail mix as treats for the FFA helpers

Rustler Roost N E W S