Rustler Roost

Posted June 28, 2013 at 3:07 pm

It was a very busy week at the Rustler Roost!  With band lessons, summer reading program, swim team practice, ball games, dance camp and vacation bible school all happening this week our kids were constantly on the go!  In addition to all of the community activities our kids are involved in, it was sports week at the Roost. We did a variety of crafts and activities that focused on different sports and games.

Craft highlights included making sports pendants and 3-D basketballs, volleyballs, baseballs, and footballs out of paper and paint.  The kids played dodge bowl in the gym, played with a beach ball, and ran races.  Three afternoons were spent at the pool this week.  Our kids love to swim!  The kids also attempted to create their own board games.  This was quite a challenging activity that we will have to finish up next week.

The kids also baked chocolate chip cookies from scratch.  They learned how to use measuring spoons and cups, used an electric mixer, and read a recipe.  The cookies turned out great and were put into the freezer for an upcoming field trip!  It was hard to not eat them right away!

The plants and seed we planted at our plot at the Community Garden are coming along. We’re anxious to watch the seeds sprout and the plants grow!  Hopefully with all the sunshine this week there will be noticeable differences!