Retrospect 8-14-13

Posted August 14, 2013 at 12:00 am

August 7, 1913

Officers W.J. Halbower and E.H. Wilson of the County Automobile Ass’n reported that the trail across Hand County has been marked as directed by the state Good Roads Ass’n. This is on the selected line from Chicago to Yellowstone Park and bears the name, “Black and Yellow Trail.”



“Votes for women” was the demand today from delegations of suffragists from every state in the nation, who besieged the senators with petitions signed by thousands urging consideration of the woman’s suffrage constitutional amendment.

Supt. May Rudd reports a sufficient number of teachers for the country schools this year. There are 116 schools in the county, with about 60 of them already supplied for the coming year, and enough teachers in the county to prevent any shortage.

August 1, 1963

The Eagle Court of Honor was held for David Posey, who received his Eagle Award from Byron Smalley, Pheasant Council Scout executive. Bobby Gard read a history of David’s work in the Scouts which led to his Eagle Badge.

In a statement to the City Council and to the residents of Miller, John C. Hagin, Mayor of Miller, listed the many problems facing Miller when he assumed office, and the corrections that have been taken, are now being taken, or are planned for the near future. He cited problems with the water, sewer, storm sewer and electrical systems, the parks and swimming pool, and city machinery.

Mrs. Herman Eschenbaum received word of the death of her aunt, Anita King McKenna, of Los Angeles, Calif. Anita King was her stage name and she was Paramount’s “No. 1 Glamour Girl” in 1915. Also, in that year, she became the first woman to drive a car across the United States alone, delivering a message from the Mayor of New York City to the Mayor of Los Angeles.

August 2, 1973

St. Liborius School in Polo will open the new school year with registration on August 24. Regular classes begin September 4. Enrollment is expected to be 118 students, an increase of five over last year.

The Fabric Inn moved Monday to a new location, the building formerly occupied by the LaBau television repair, north of the Coast to Coast Store, and is now open for business. The store is operated by Mrs. David Lanz and Mrs. Wayne Manning.

As a result of the tornado that hit Pierre Monday afternoon, July 23, the trailer home of Mr. and Mrs. James Bevers (Pauline Engelmann) received minor damage, but other trailer homes nearby were destroyed.

August 3, 1983

The Larry Arbogast family welcomed a new member to their household, with the arrival of Shelley Elizabeth Hoppen, AFS student from South Australia. She will be attending MHS as a senior.

Five generations recently gathered for a picture. They were Minetta Puffer, great-great-grandmother; Gladys Etbauer, great-grandmother; Lyle Etbauer, grandfather; Robert Etbauer, father; and Chancy Etbauer, baby daughter.

This past week, Jones Lake was netted in an effort to reduce the bullhead population. An excess of 5,000 pounds of bullheads were removed, using 10 trapnets set over four days. This should enhance game fish reproduction. The bullheads were distributed to sportsmen in the area, and two truckloads were transferred to Red Lake in Charles Mix County.

August 2, 1993

Dr. Joel Huber, family practitioner at Redfield for the past 12 years, will return to the place where he began his patient care training 18 years ago. He will join the Hand County Clinic August. 1.

“Nobody’s complaining about dust in their eyes,” remarks Mike Cook, Ree Heights area rancher. “I’ve never cussed about rain, but I’d take a break from it.” Families south of Ree Heights report three to five inches of rain in the storm that inundated the area Sunday night.

State champion trap shooter Roger Mastel, Miller, added to his collection of trophies when he took the state championship 16-yard event in Aberdeen.

August 6, 2003

The sixth annual Hand County Relay for Life will get underway at 6 p.m. August 15 at Crystal Park. The night-long event will culminate at 6 a.m. Saturday morning.

Tanner Wangsness, 15-year-old grandson of Darrell and Carol Wangsness, Miller, was involved in a farm accident Monday afternoon, in which four fingers on his left hand were completely severed. He underwent surgery in Sioux Falls where two of the fingers were reattached.

The Spirit Award was presented to the Miller Swim Club during the Rapid City Novice Festival. The club previously received the award in 2000 and 2001.

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