Posted June 13, 2013 at 11:30 am

June 5, 1913

Friday was observed as a great memorial occasion as usual over the country, particularly in the northern states. The observance in Miller was up to the usual standard, with complete services at the G.A.R. Cemetery. About 20 of the old veterans were in the line of march, and all were marked by the hand of time.

The $10,000 libel suit of Theodore Roosevelt against Editor George W. Newett of Ishpeming, Mich. came to an abrupt halt with the complete surrender of Newett and his attorneys, after Newett had read a long defense of his mistake in charging Col. Roosevelt with drunkenness.

Squire J.C. McCool returned last week from his trip through the old South. This was his first trip back through that country since the Civil War 50 years ago, when he marched with the Northern Army as a young man.

May 30, 1963

The Prairie Center Nursing Home of Miller marks its first year of operation June 1, and extends a most cordial invitation to all in the community to observe this first anniversary.

Rev. Martin Mosier, pastor of the Billy Sunday Tabernacle in Sioux City, Iowa, will be speaking at the baccalaureate and commencement at Sunshine Bible Academy June 2. SBA will hold its 11th annual commencement, with 22 graduates.

A Scout Court of Honor was held last Monday evening in the high school study hall, where 47 boys received their advancement ratings. The highest award in scouting, Life Scout, was presented to Gary Dietrich.

May 31, 1973

Dr. E.W. Carr, chiropractic physician from Miller, was named Outstanding Chiropractor of the Year at the recent South Dakota convention held in Sioux Falls.

Eugene Moeller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moeller, will leave June 7 for New Zealand, where he will spend the next six months with the FFA Work Experience Abroad program. He has just completed his freshman year at South Dakota State University.

Rev. and Mrs. John Epp (Ruth Smith) and family are arriving on Friday from Kansas, where they had been visiting his parents since their return from Hong Knong. The Epps plan to spend most of the summer here and will live in the trailer house at the Wesley Yost farm.

June 1, 1983

When fire destroyed the Bryce Sample house at 214 E. 2nd Street May 9, it also destroyed a part of history, as the house was one of the oldest houses in Miller. The house was built about 1887. In 1908, J.W. Coquillette moved the house from corner lots to one lot east and planned to build a new house at 2nd and Ettie Street.

The annual rural school field day was held at Bates School May 16. Schools participating were Bates, Cedar, Como, Mondamin and Sunshine Bible Academy. All students received participant ribbons.

The Sinkie family will celebrate the 70th anniversary of George and Della Sinkie and the 100th year of the Sinkie homestead Sunday, June 12 (in Buffalo County).

May 31, 1993

“Road to Rushmore” is a song-filled, two-act musical play portraying the dynamic and colorful life of Gutzon Borglum, creator of Mt. Rushmore. The production is sponsored by the Central Plains Arts Council in conjunction with the South Dakota Arts Council.

Senior trumpet player Stephanie Kopecky was presented the Louie B. Armstrong Award and the John Phillips Sousa Award at the MHS awards concert Tuesday night. Another senior, Neil Simons, was selected to receive the Director’s Choice Award.

Six eighth-graders at Miller Junior High School were awarded certificates of recognition of their outstanding academic recorded at the Honors Day program at the Miller Armory. Named high honors students were Marty Bertsch, Rochelle Cundy, Erin Donlin, Brandy Swisher, Michelle Watkins and Adrienne Zeller.

June 4, 2003

Three Pioneer Daughters of St. Ann’s Catholic Parish were honored at St. Ursula’s Spring Luncheon May 28. Each woman was asked to prepare a history of her life. Honored were Dorothy Lichty, Rose Danburg and Helen Dunn.

Millard F. Seaman, instrumental in forming Sunshine Bible Academy half a century ago, has now written a book telling the story, titled “Gumbo, Gumption and God.”

Miller School District voters will go to the polls June 17 to choose three new members, each for a three-year term. Three present board members—Larry Hall, Tom Morog and Marlen Winter—are not running. The four candidates are David Fremark, David Allen, Todd Waring and Tim Zacher.