Retrospect 5-1-13

Posted May 1, 2013 at 4:47 pm

April 24, 1913

The new income tax doesn’t worry the man who has an income of $4,000 or less—which indicates that the great majority is indifferent of the new law and its operations.



Wet and dry contests featured the municipal elections held in South Dakota last week. In some towns, the battles were lively. Over 50 towns in South Dakota voted in favor of saloons, among them Miller, Wolsey, Pierre, Huron, Rapid City, Aberdeen, Gettysburg, Woonsocket, Harrold, and Rockham.

At Crabtree’s Cash Merc., Inc.—safety razors, 35¢; dairy pails, 45¢; chisel handles, 5¢; monkey wrench, 19ç.

The C&NW will build new depots at Huron, Wolsey and Rapid City. Miller must be satisfied with a coat of paint inside the old building.

April 11, 1963

The Rev. Richard O. Moberly led the congregation of the First Methodist Church in the opening services of the groundbreaking ceremony following regular services Sunday.

Two Ree Heights brothers met death in a two-car head-on collision six miles west of Miller Wednesday. Killed instantly were Sebastian Feist, 40, and Nicholas Feist, 38. Hospitalized was Jerome Brandner, 26. Sebastian was the father of seven children, and Nicholas the father of three.

A recent resolution adopted by the City Council, which involves participation in an airport improvement program has been disputed. The council has been asked by petition to call a special election in order that all eligible voters may express whether they are for or against the proposed improvement.

April 19, 1973

Even though City Ordinance 368 was defeated badly in the City election, voting against City garbage collection, the City still has to comply with federal standards. The landfill project has until July 10 to be completed, and the City also has until then to set up an ordinance dealing with the disposal of trash in the City, i.e. a no burning ordinance in the city limits or the city dump ground.

List of some of the women’s clubs that met in April: Busy Women, Modern Matrons, Friendly Circle, Cedar Club, Lone Creek Stars, Buffalo Gals, Jolly Jills, Happy Hustlers.

List of some of the 4-H clubs that met: Grand 4-Hers, Good Guys, Rise & Shiners, Holden Gals, Holden Livestock, Country Kids, South Hand Boosters, Eager Beaver Girls, Go Getters, Hand-E-Hands, Spring Valley 4-H.

April 20, 1983

The Central Plains Arts Council has scheduled the touring theatre group, the Missoula Children’s Theatre, for May 2-7. Auditions for “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” will be held May 7.

Privates Philip Alumbaugh, Dennis McMurtry and Shane Price returned from 13 weeks of basic training and artillery training the weekend of April 16.

Lynn Wagner and Wade Lager competed in a wrestling tournament at Spearfish. Wagner placed second in Greco freestyle and first in free style, and Lager placed second in free style.

April 19, 1993

Hand County Commissioners approved the first reading of Ordinance 93-1, an ordinance granting Bob’s Disposal Service of St. Lawrence “an exclusive franchise to collect and dispose of solid waste in all unincorporated areas of Hand County.”

Incumbent Clayton “Tip” Sisk retains his position as mayor of Miller for two more years, after defeating Robert “Bob” Moore in Tuesday’s City election. Voter turnout was 42% for the first mayoral race in the city since 1977.

Carrie DeRoos, a sophomore at MHS, was nominated to represent her high school at the HOBY South Dakota Leadership Seminar.

April 23, 2003

The Board of the Miller School District is greatly appreciative of the generosity of everyone who has been involved in raising money for the Miller School Fund to help the district with its budget shortfall. The end result was $56,443.14 raised for the general fund, to be used at the board’s discretion.

Legends of Hand County: At one time, one-room schools dotted every township in Hand County. Children attended grades 1-8 at the rural schools. The county superintendent oversaw the entire operation. Winifred Lorenetson held that position in Hand County from 1935 until the office was abolished 36 years later.

Winners have been announced for the annual High School Jazz Festival at Black Hills State University. In the Class B jazz band division, Miller I placed first and Miller II placed third. In Class B vocal jazz, Miller again placed first.

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