Retrospect 3-27-13

Posted March 29, 2013 at 4:33 pm

March 20, 1913

Hollow Horn Bear, big chief of the Sioux tribe and probably the most famous of all Sioux chieftains, died last week in Washington City, having gone there to witness the inauguration of President Wilson, and on matters pertaining to his tribe.



King George of Greece was assassinated while walking the streets of Saloniki, when a Greek of low mental type shot the king through the heart.

The snowfall from the recent storm is reported very heavy in the Black Hills. A dispatch from Rapid City Monday states that a rotary snowplow and seven engines were stalled in a cut where the snow is 40 feet deep. Six persons are known to have perished. A.N. Perry, his wife, three daughters and one son were found frozen to death Saturday morning, and one son was found wandering delirious on the prairie. The family left Rapid City the day previous to the storm with four teams to drive to their ranch some miles east of the city.

March 14, 1963

The Board of Education accepted bids totaling $86,524 to build a new addition on the existing grade school building, at a meeting last Tuesday afternoon.

Dan Slack, one of Prairie Center’s oldest residents, was honored March 6 on his 90th birthday. He was born March 6, 1873 in Lincoln County. He was employed by the Chicago and Northwestern Railway. He and his family moved to Ontario Twp. and later to a farm near Ree Heights.

The baby-sitting class sponsored by the Hand County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary began Jan. 9 and was given in five lessons, one per week. Fifty girls qualified for their certificates.

March 15, 1973

A former superintendent of the Miller school system will retire after serving in the field of education for 36 years. Ray H. Murray, who was head of the Miller school for 20 years, will retire at the close of the school year. During his years in Miller, Murray was prominent in the Boy Scout movement.

Rebecca Ann Coss, South Dakota Snow Queen, will represent the state at the National Cherry Blossom in Washington, D.C. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John “Bill” Coss, and is employed by Gov. and Mrs. Kneip as governess.

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne McGee and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne White returned Saturday from a nine-day trip to Spain. While there they stayed at Torremalinos.

March 17, 1983

The Central Plains Arts Council will be presenting a musical called “The Fantasticks,” a parable about love, April 3, 4 and 5. Leading characters are Bill Kost, Deb Carr-Francisco and Jim Kingsbury.

Mae Walsh, 91, died March 14. She was a life-long resident of Hand County, graduating from school in 1909. She served as deputy Hand County auditor, county auditor and deputy county superintendent of schools for a total of 51 years.

Chairperson of the Miller Crystal Park Daze, Shirley Testerman, will attend the Community Arts Congress in Pierre, and will be one of three panelists for a workshop on “Operating Arts Fairs and Festivals.”

March 15, 1993

Fourteen-year-old Roxanne Switzenberg, Miller, was stopped at the intersection of 3rd Street and E. 6th Avenue last Sunday when her vehicle was struck from the rear; she noticed that the vehicle appeared to be driverless, and jumped out of her car to stop the 1983 Eagle station wagon. The car was driven by Esther Grimm who had apparently collapsed at the wheel. The 84-year-old woman was dead on arrival at the hospital.

Donna Williams, owner of Pazzazz Hairstyling of Miller, and hairdresser Toy Schaefers returned from Dakota Cup competition with top prizes in four of six categories.

The more I hear about that wacko near Waco, Texas, the more repugnant he grows, this David Koresh, who fancies himself the Son of God. It’s the Second Amendment that’s been totally ignored in this: that the right of the people to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed.”

March 19, 2003

Emotions bubbled near the surface last Wednesday evening when a capacity crowd gathered at the Miller Armory to give a hearty send-off to members of the National Guard boys from the area that have been called for active duty.

Two MHS seniors have been chosen for the 2003 South Dakota All State Band. They are Lindsay Lockner, clarinet, and Vance Caffee, trumpet. Approximately 160 students make up the All State Band, which will be held in Yankton.

St. Ann’s Catholic Church, Miller, has set up a prayer corner for remembrance and prayers for those serving their country in the Armed Forces. Community members are invited to bring a picture of your special service man or woman to include. Doors will be left unlocked until loved ones and friends in the service return.

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