Retrospect 2-27-13

Posted February 26, 2013 at 5:06 pm

February 20, 1913

The 50th anniversary of the great battle of Gettysburg will be celebrated next July, and many aged veterans of the Civil War will attend. Canby Post (Miller) has two members who were in this great battle: Comrades Charles H. Henshaw and Judge A.S. Ober.



The Commercial Club committee in charge of the Chautauqua movement report a guarantee of about $800 subscribed by the businessmen of Miller. That is taken as an expression very favorable to the movement.

One of the biggest sales reported in the county was that of Art Palmer’s in York Twp. (yes, the bills were printed and the sale advertised by the Press). The crowd was great and the sale amounted to nearly $7,000.

February 14, 1963

J.E. “Eck” Westmire, Hand County’s oldest resident, died February 12, six days after he observed his 96th birthday. Westmire was born February 6, 1867 at LaSalle, Ill., and came to Hand County in 1884.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schock, Ree Heights, enjoy a unique privilege as they attend Sunday morning worship services at the Congregational Church, in being able to hear all seven of their children singing in the youth choir. Each has participated in choir since reaching the age of 12. The youngest, Nancy, joined just a few weeks ago. The oldest, Charles, is 20. The other members of the family group are Charlotte, Patricia, Dennis, Virginia and Mildred.

Miss Julianne Ufen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Ufen, Miller, will compete this month for the title of “Miss Secretary 1963” at the National School of Business in Rapid City. The contest is held in conjunction with the Nancy Taylor style show at the school. (The Nancy Taylor Secretarial Finishing Course is a training program in charm, poise and personality for secretaries).

February 15, 1973

Miller will be the scene of the District 15 Class B basketball tournament February 21-24 at the Miller Armory. It is hosted by the Miller Area Jaycees and the Civic & Commerce Association.

The St. Lawrence PTC will meet Tuesday, Feb. 20. Jim Graham, Miller, will be guest speaker. He will tell a little about the early history of Hand County. He has the interesting theory that the Vikings first settled the area near Rose Hill and he will be giving information to back the theory.

SBA News: Cupid has been shooting his little arrows among the students at Sunshine. February 14 is the Sweetheart Banquet. The guys have gotten up the courage to ask their favorite girls to go with them. The girls’ dorm is in a hustle and bustle of hurry as the girls get new dresses and decide on how to fix their hair.

February 17, 1983

Barb Melber and Janet Reimann, both seniors at MHS, are serving as Senate pages during three weeks of the South Dakota Legislative Session. Both girls are sponsored by S.D. Republican Senator, Mary McClure, Redfield.

After a period of approximately seven years, Miller will have a participant in the 1983 S.D. All-State Band. Robin Pratt, a senior and a trumpet player, is one of 17 trumpet players selected for this year’s band.

A Valentine party was held at Prairie Good Samaritan Center February 14. Sweetheart King and Queen were crowned, along with their attendants: King Gordon Oakley, Queen Ruth Hall, and attendants Bert VanDerWerff, Wales Cotton, Jane Peterson and Fairy Evans.

February 15, 1993

This year’s one-act cast and crew from MHS sailed through competition and ended up the top winners of the prestigious State contest. They brought home the State Superior Award, along with six Outstanding Performer awards.

Valentine’s Day…for Val and Ethel Swartzendruber of St. Lawrence brings back memories of their marriage—a quiet ceremony—at the home of his brother, a pastor, some 56 years ago.

Sunshine Bible Academy will be moving a new grade school to campus this spring. A different school building has been purchased for the elementary, because of a real concern for the safety of the grade school children as they cross Highway 45 several times a day.

February 19, 2003

After nearly 20 years as the owner-operator of Cal-Fay Fashions in Miller, Harriet Kopplin is closing up shop. Cal-Fay has been a prominent part of Miller’s business district since the mid-60s, when the women’s apparel store was launched by Faith Cahalan.

The Hand County Livestock & Crop Improvement Association held their annual meeting Feb. 16. The Pugh Brothers, Miller, were named the 2002 Producers of the Year.

A legislative forum was held Feb. 15, and Dale Hargens, Dist. 22 Representative was on hand. When asked about the mood at the Capitol this Legislative Session, Hargens said the attitude is perhaps more positive, with a new governor, new legislators and new gubernatorial employees. At this point, he said Gov. Rounds is assessable and willing to listen to ideas and differing points of view.

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