Retrospect 12-26-12

Posted December 31, 2012 at 9:38 am

December 19, 1912

Applications for automobile registration has practically ended for this year and the record for such registration in South Dakota from the time of the going into effect of the registration law up to date shows. 1905 – 357; 1906 – 250; 1907 – 314; 1908 – 824; 1909 – 2,104; 1910 – 4,065; 1911 – 3,390; 1912 – 3,908.



The basketball game played at the high school gymnasium Saturday evening between Alpena and Miller resulted in a score of 70 to 7 in favor of the local boys. A large crowd of spectators witnessed the game.

Consider for Christmas, at T.P. Sutphen. They are simple “gifts,” not too practical to be “Christmasy” but pretty useful, serviceable gifts that are sure to be appreciated: Silk petticoats, $3; Fur coats, $15 & up; trunks, $3.50, $7; dolls, 1¢ to 2.00; games, 10¢; fine china sets, $1.25; box perfume, 25¢; lace bedspread, $2.25; purses, 5¢ to 75¢

December 13, 1962

Tragedy struck the Kenneth Ames family when they were away from home visiting Monday evening. Fire, which may have started from an electric heater in the bathroom, completely destroyed the home and all their belongings. The house is located on the Harlan Bushfield farm three miles west and two north of Miller.

The Ree Heights School was broken into sometime Sunday night, entry gained by forcing open one of the front doors. The burglars seemed interested in finding cash, and their efforts at the school netted only about $12.

Janet Henson, 11-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Henson, Ree Heights, has been awarded first place for her entry in the National Juvenile Contest of the Homemade “Pommawonga Game.” Her entry was made from steak bones and painted red, white and blue.

December 14, 1972

Snow and colored lights all prove Christmas is in the air, and Saturday, Dec. 16 is the Big Day. Santa Claus, in person, will be on hand to give out treats to all the kids of the Miller trade area, at the annual Christmas party sponsored by the Miller C&C.

Etaoin Shrdlu: I knew that someday, someone would become interested enough in the quality of the stickum the postal department was slathering on the stamps, and come right out flat-footed and say so. My complaint, which has been voiced over a period of years, has been that if cheaper, more lousy tasting glue could possibly be found, the P.O. would be the first to find and use it. A New Hampshire physician has become aware of the fact that stamps are something less than sanitary, and even pose a health hazard.

Randy Miller never played soccer until he entered Goshen (Ind.) in 1971. Now, he’s started in many of the games. Goshen College Maple Leafs ended the season with 10-0 and gave them their second longest winning streak with 11 consecutive wins. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Miller of St. Lawrence.

December 16, 1982

The Snow Flake Style Show will be a new event to be held Saturday, Jan. 22 during the Hand County Farm & Home Show. The event will be open to all home sewers in six divisions.

A new and different concept for teaching math has been introduced to students in the second grade by their teacher, Mrs. Dorothy Hayes, and are called Creative Math Boxes. The math boxes are open-ended math activities used as an enriching supplement to the present class math program. The boxes each contain 60 to 100 counters and eight game boards.

The Board of Education exercised the privilege of “executive session” last Monday night as well as on several previous occasions in recent months. Upon completion of the regular agenda, the board moved to go into executive session. Chairman Omar Swartzendruber questioned the need for an executive session, as did the Miller Press, since the issue at hand was suggesting a public relations step and not dealing with a specific personnel problem. We believe that executive session was unnecessarily used.

December 14, 1992

The victory yell, “2 in ‘92” rang out and the Miller Rustlers were literally swept off their feet as they successfully defended their State “A” crown at the Corn Palace in Mitchell Saturday night. Their victory White River gave them their second consecutive State “A” title.

Members of Crescent Chapter #4, Order of the Eastern Star, honored Eva Lanz as a 75-year member of the Star at the Miller Manor community room. Cliff White of Miller was honored with the prestigious 60-year Palm Leaf Award for his dedicated service to St. Lawrence Lodge 39 AM & FM Masons.

Miller Kiwanis recently presented Miller School superintendent Tom Marso with a check for $500 for the new school building fund. Proceeds were realized from the sale of pancakes during last summer’s 4th of July celebration.

December 18, 2002

The eighth year of gifting from the Miller Area Foundation has reached a total of $67,274 having been given to 42 different groups in the Hand County area. The yearly grant totals have grown from $3,300 in 1995 to nine grantees, to this year with a total of $11,550 to 17 grantees.

Sunshine Bible Academy held its celebrated annual auction December 7 at the gymnasium on the SBA campus. Even with this year’s drought and a sluggish economy, there was a good turnout and a good profit at the end of the day. The net profit realized will be around $28,000.

According to Gene Enck, Executive Director of the Associated School Boards of South Dakota, the time has come to take a long, hard look at public education in the state and determine how to proceed with problems of funding, declining enrollment, course offerings, use of technology, competition for state funds, need for community support at all levels, and developing stronger support for all children in the state of South Dakota.

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