Retrospect 11-7-12

Posted November 9, 2012 at 6:48 pm

October 31, 1912

James S. Sherman, vice president of the United States and candidate for re-election, died at his home in Utica, N.Y. last night, of Bright’s disease. He has been ill for several weeks. His death will necessitate calling the Republican committee together to select another running mate for President Taft.



Vern Morris is the champion sprinter of this part of S.D. Last Monday, he out ran a run-away team and caught them before much damage was done. Whenever your team runs away, call on Vern, he will catch them at once.

Last Sunday as Messrs Walton, Danburg, Scoville and Harris were autoing out to the Harris farm, they ran into a sunk-in culvert and the auto turned turtle, breaking John Scoville’s right leg near the ankle. Dr. Wallis called and reduced the fracture, and the injured man was taken to his home in St. Lawrence.

October 25, 1962

Open house was held at the First National Bank community room October 17 in honor of Pete Namanny’s 90th birthday. The room was decorated with autumn flowers. Refreshments were served by his daughter, Mrs. Frank Delvaux, assisted by Mrs. Nova Palmer.

I submit helplessly and meekly to a situation I cannot fight—an increase in the price of stamps, even while I am not convinced that what this country needs is a good 5-cent stamp. So I am willing to accept the dictum, because at least I can retaliate by refusing to patronize the stamp machines. – Etaonin Shrdlu

The St. Lawrence School Carnival was held at the schoolhouse Friday evening, with the largest attendance present in years. An all-school program was presented by each grade, and then Bingo and games were held, and lunch served.

October 26, 1972

Letter to the editor: Why do we need to shoot doves for sport in South Dakota? There are plenty of other birds and animals to shoot here. The dove can bring us so much pleasure in other ways if we pause and take the time to enjoy this lovely bird…I urge you to vote NO on the referred dove hunting law on November 7. Nova Borkhuis

A large bobcat was shot by Richard Labor during mid-afternoon Saturday while hunting pheasants on Max Hargens’ land. He became aware of the cat’s presence a day earlier when his flock of wild turkeys and other livestock became disturbed. Upon investigation he caught a glimpse of it. Bobcat sightings are not too common in this area.

Vern King, rural Miller, escaped with only cuts and bruises, but his car, a 1969 Chevrolet, was completely demolished in a collision with a loaded grain truck. According to the sheriff’s investigation, King collided with the rear end of a truck driven by Joe Beaner of St. Lawrence.

October 28, 1982

Miller Cub Scouts won first in the Sioux Council physical fitness championship held at Brookings. They placed first at Huron in Tomahawk District competition. Chad McGough, 8, won in 50-yard dash and softball throw; Nick Johannsen, 9, softball throw, standing long jump and push-ups; Danny Rombough, 10, third place in sit-ups.

Don Pugh, Miller, has been nominated to receive the American Farmer Degree, highest degree presented by the National FFA. He was nominated for the degree by the South Dakota FFA Association.

Nine members of the Rose Hill Baby Beef 4-H Club attended the Western Junior Livestock show in Rapid City and returned home with three trophies, 13 purple ribbons and the Herdsmanship award.

October 26, 1992

Miller minister Rev. Paul Babb joined a group from the Southern Baptist Conference who departed for the storm-torn aftermath of Hurricane Andrew last month, taking with them little more than a desire to help their fellow man.

Gary Bates, manager of Ree Electric for the past 14 years, will end a 31-year association with the company the end of this month. Although he has officially retired, his plans for the future indicate that slowing down has no place in his schedule. He and his wife Barb are owners and operators of two Miller businesses, the “4 Seasons,” a retail clothing store, and Coral Lanes, the town’s only bowling alley.

The Miller Rustlers girls upped their season record to 11-0 and 35-0 over two seasons, with a decisive win over Mobridge and a hard-earned victory over Kimball.

October 30, 2002

Plans are underway to build an eight-resident group home in Miller for individuals with developmental disabilities. The residents will be young adults who have cognitive disabilities and in many cases, also physical disabilities.

The Miller School Board held its second meeting of the month and Linus Storms, assistant executive director of the Associated School Boards of South Dakota, was present to discuss the district’s financial crisis. “I don’t bring good news,” he said, and noted the only viable areas for significant budget cuts were in the areas of salaries and benefits.

Finishing the season with a 4-4 record, Miller just missed the (football) playoffs as they were 17th in team quality based power points, with 16 making playoffs.

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