Residents like baking ‘quick’ cookies and breads Good Samaritan Society 1-30-13

Posted January 28, 2013 at 4:33 pm

Residents like baking ‘quick’ cookies and breads

A devotional (Pure Words) using scripture from Psalm 32:6-11, was given by Sue Jones for the Sunday worship service January 20. The audience was reminded, “Wisdom found in God’s word survives life’s tests.” Gertrude Pautsch played piano for the singing portion of the service.


Good Samaritan Society, Miller

Residents watched the Presidential Inaugural parade on TV Monday afternoon. Coffee time was also held Monday afternoon.

Miller’s First Presbyterian Church was in charge of the Monday evening hymn sing. Dawn Haar led singing, and Sue Jones played piano.

Father Chester Murtha, St. Ann Catholic Church, celebrated Mass Tuesday morning.

Helping with Bingo games Tuesday afternoon were Dorothy Engelmann, Maylou Oakley, LaVonne Puffer and Janice Wilbur.

Maylou Oakley led Wednesday morning Rosary, and Men’s Coffee was also served that morning.

Tamie Grogan gave a devotional on prayer for Bible study Wednesday afternoon. Gertrude Pautsch played piano for singing during the activity. Coffee and cookies were served afterward.

Card games were played Wednesday evening.

“Quick” cookies and bread were baked during Thursday morning baking time. They were served following the afternoon activity.

Residents worked Martin Luther King word games and puzzles Thursday afternoon.

Scrabble games were played Thursday evening.

The 2010 December/January “Reminisce” magazine was read from for the Friday morning reading time. Two of the stories read were “Quick Trigger” by Ray Howell, and “A Feast Fit for One” by Kenneth Reiman.

Rev. Brian Jones led a memorial service for Lois Warren Kerkhoff Friday morning. We continue to sympathize with and pray for Lois’ family. She is missed.

Wii games were played Friday afternoon.

The movie, “First Dog,” starring Eric Roberts, Tiny Lister and John-Paul Howard, was shown Saturday afternoon.

Inspirational quote of the week: “You must give some time to your fellow men. Even if it’s a little thing, do something for others for which you get no pay, but the privilege of doing it.” ~ Albert Schweitzer