Residents celebrate Valentine’s Day-Good Sam

Posted February 19, 2013 at 4:53 pm

Residents celebrate Valentine’s Day

Sue Jones gave a devotion on “Transformation Sunday” for Sunday worship service, February 10. Luke 9:28-40 scripture was read and the message emphasized was “Don’t stay on the mountain. Come down to serve in the valley.”


Good Samaritan Society, Miller

Gertrude Pautsch played piano for singing during the service.

Pastor Mark Johnsen, Miller United Methodist Church, served Protestant communion Monday afternoon.

Miller United Methodist Church was in charge of Monday evening hymn sing. Bobbi Larson and Beth Fawcett led the singing. The two also sang a duet, “The Summons.” Linda Blackburn played piano and Peter Fremark and Christy Palmer helped pass out the hymn books.

Father Chester Murtha, St. Ann Catholic Church, celebrated Mass Tuesday morning.

Bingo games were played Tuesday afternoon. Helpers were Carol Baloun, Winifred Burke, Martha Deering and Darla Warkenthein.

Agnes Kolda led Rosary Wednesday morning. Men’s Coffee was also served Wednesday morning.

Rev. Brian Jones, Miller Presbyterian Church, led a Bible study on Luke 18:9-14 Wednesday afternoon. He encouraged people to not be judgemental.

Several Right to Life group members passed out carnations to each resident Wednesday afternoon. Card games were played in the evening.

Kevin Hofer led a memorial service for DC Herman Thursday morning. Our condolences and prayers continue to go out to DC’s family. He was only with us a short while but we came to love him and will miss him.

Residents helped decorate cupcakes during baking time Thursday morning. The cupcakes were made by MHS nutrition and wellness class students for our Valentine’s Day party, which was held Thursday afternoon. Entertainment at the party was provided by Ron Blachford, who played piano and Annie Fulton, who sang. Several residents danced to the lively music. In addition to the cupcakes, residents enjoyed strawberry-flavored ice cream (strawberry and vanilla) made by Kevin Hofer. Homemade Valentine cards from Dorothy Fawcett were also passed out to each resident at the party.

Board games were played Thursday evening.

“Fixing up the Ford” by Ann Wetzel and “Motor Hut Madness” by William Childress were two stories read from the February/March, 2013 “Farm and Ranch Living” magazine Friday morning.

Balloon Bop was played Friday afternoon.

Inspirational Quote of the Week: “Love without ceasing, Give without measure–Who can exhaust God’s limitless treasure?” ~ Malcom Schloss