Rep.Peggy Gibson

Posted September 4, 2012 at 4:43 pm

Last week’s column focused on the South Dakota State Fair and how it celebrates and showcases our vanishing rural lifestyle. I noted the successes the Fair has attained in the past few years. I further mentioned how the City of Huron supports and promotes the South Dakota State Fair and also supports the South Dakota State Fair Park for off- season events.

Some of the major off-season events that took place and are scheduled to take place in 2011-2012 on the South Dakota State Fairgrounds Park are:


Legislative Highlights

• Wheel Jam Truck Show- held in June of 2012 featured 50 vendors and over 14,000 spectators for a three-day event. Trucks came from over 15 states and three Canadian Provinces. This was the eighth year of the truck show.

• Wissota 100: a four-day racing event and street rod show that attracts thousands of Wissota drivers and fans. The race is the finals for the over 3,000 drivers and 58 racetracks from SD, ND, MN, IA, WY, MT, WI and three Canadian Provinces that comprise the circuit. This is the fourth consecutive year the event has been hosted at the Fairgrounds. It will take place in September.

• Nineteen annual stock car races

• A South Dakota Men’s and Women’s Expo

• An Outdoor Expo

• An Antique Power Show

• South Dakota Special Olympics

• Several craft fairs

• South Dakota Barbeque Championships

• Various horse and dog events along with 4-H events

• And prior to the South Dakota State Fair-Red Wilk Construction’s CBR Bull Bash.

Two exciting and potentially profitable upcoming off-season events scheduled for the South Dakota State Fairgrounds Park for 2013 and 2014 are as follows:

1. The Wally Byam Caravan Club International chose Huron and the Fairgrounds as their rally destination for 2013. This is a group of over 5,800 travel trailer enthusiasts who meet annually at a chosen destination that has historical, natural and recreational opportunities. The promoters are featuring Huron’s “Murals on the Town”, fishing opportunities, and our pheasant and pheasant hunting. The theme for the Huron rally is “It’s a New Approach.”

2. In 2014, Huron and the South Dakota State Fairgrounds were chosen to host the National Red Power Round-Up by the International Harvesters Collection Club. This annual event draws about 25,000 people from across the United States and Canada. It features approximately 1,000 tractors, hundreds of vendors and exhibitors, farm machinery and entertainment. IHC members are interested in the preservation of history, products, literature and memorabilia of the International Harvester Company. It has been 14 years since a South Dakota community has hosted the round up.

Therefore, it is imperative that the members of our South Dakota State Legislature increase funding to the South Dakota State Fair Park, so that the 170 acres and 90 buildings can be adequately preserved and maintained for future use. Our South Dakota State Fair Park is a part of our heritage and a valuable historical and financial asset to all South Dakotans. Thank you for your support and encouragement. Please feel free to contact me at (605) 352-9862 or