Ree Heights loses ‘pre-cell phone’ phone booth

Posted June 28, 2013 at 3:21 pm

The weather this past week was hot, windy, stormy and the county had about every kind of weather that one could expect for this time of year. Friday was very stormy, with the day getting so dark it looked like it was night. We had rain and wind that took some branches out of the trees and the rain gauge only read about .67 of an inch, but with the wind, who knows? We had a little shower gain in the night that added another .02 of an inch to the gauge. Saturday, it is cloudy and muggy, so have a chance to get more of the same.

We lost a landmark in town this past week when we lost one of the last phone booths that there was in the country. The phone company came and took it away. Many people that came through here commented on the fact that they hadn’t seen one of them in many years and they would ask if it still worked. We will miss it.


Ree Heights

Delton and Carole Beck accompanied Jeff, Margie, Tara and Trevor Parmely, Miller, to Rapid City and to Custer State Park to attend the wedding of Laura Weyrich and Justin VanDenBerg on Saturday afternoon. They spent Sunday touring the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore before returning home on Sunday evening.

I was visiting my niece when she put her son in time out for being naughty. “It’s 6:58 now,” she said. “You must sit quietly for two minutes, until 7 p.m.” At 7 p.m., she excused her son from the time out and asked him if he knew the reason he had been put there. He frowned for a second, then asked, “So that I can learn to tell time?”