Red and Black

Posted February 21, 2013 at 12:21 pm

Okay. So if you refer back three months to my last report, you will note the color theme is continuing. Not sure what the obsession is with color, but good or bad, it is a theme.

The theme this time is not an initiative to change our school colors. No!


Mike Ruth, Superintendent, Miller School District

We will be Kelly green and white for the foreseeable future (with just a hint of silver and black for the “Bandits”). The theme this month has to do with financial status. As most of you know, being in the “black” is good in terms of budgeting, and being in the “red” is not so good.

Rest assured, our school district is in the “black.” We have a viable, sustainable financial condition, and are working hard to maintain this situation. However, as with all systems, we need to investigate and evaluate long-term planning. Therefore, the district is looking at making some reductions in spending.

As you might recall, two years ago the legislative body made budget reductions in all funding areas. Education was impacted greatly by this reduction to the tune of 8.6 percent. The school board and administration made the decision to use our reserve funds to balance our budget and not make many reductions. We have done just that but are now in need of making some cutbacks for future years.

So in the coming weeks, the school board, administration, staff, and possibly some community members will be meeting to look at the school budget for fiscal year 2014. Strong consideration will be given to all programs for sustainability. The school board and administration will take input as we go through this process. The district will continue to work hard to keep our school in the “black,” which equates to a healthy “green” school. What a great color!!