Pump ‘N Pak offers wider ‘grab & go’ food selection

Posted December 18, 2012 at 6:06 pm

Miller’s Pump ‘N Pak/Clark is undergoing a “transformation” in the kitchen-fountain area. When that section of the gas-convenience store reopens December 21, customers will find not only a remodeled, spruced-up space, but also improved and expanded menu items. The store will be open regular hours during the entire remodeling process.

Many of Pump ‘N Pak’s patrons like to pick up their food and be on their way. The changes being implemented will make the “grab and go” concept even easier.

Lorelei and Dale Simons purchased the business in 1999, and have made several improvements over the years, including upgrade of the building’s exterior.

Over those years, Lorelei says they had done two kitchen remodels. This present overhaul will be the third for the kitchen, in addition to big changes in the fountain area.

Lorelei had been designing the remodel for about three months. In addition to new and improved facilities, customers will find several additional food choices.

Pump ‘N Pak has a franchise with Hot Stuff Foods, and that continues…with a few additions.

“Subs, wraps and croissants are made daily,” Lorelei explained, adding that Dawn Price, kitchen manager, is thorough, and makes sure a high-quality product is always available.

“We’ll be merchandising cold subs. The customer can select what they want in our reach-in cooler. We have a new condiment counter, and our customers can choose their own dressings.”

Should you want to warm up a cold sub, a microwave is at your service.

Hot subs will be kept ready to go in a Hatco warmer, located by the pizza warmer.

Included on the hot-sub menu are chicken, meatball and barbecued beef subs, along with burgers and taco wraps. And, of course, Pump ‘N Pak will continue to offer its full line of pizza and appetizers. Soups are “grab and go,” also, sold through the warmer.

The kitchen is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. The breakfast menu will remain the same, but the lunch-dinner menu has more offerings.

“We want to offer healthy alternatives,” Lorelei says. Fruits, yogurts, vegetables and cheeses will be available, as well as potato salad and coleslaw. Pre-packaged soup will also be available, and can be heated in the microwave.

An important new addition is the reverse osmosis water system in the fountain area, where coffee, pop, tea, cappuccino and ice cream is available.

“We’ll feature F’real Ice Cream, and the customer can make shakes, smoothies and coffee drinks to their taste. For instance, they will be able to choose the consistency of their ice cream. Another fun addition is our whipped cream machine.”

Lorelei says the kitchen and fountain area will feature all-new cabinetry. Plans are also to do upgrades and updates throughout the convenience store area, as well as remodel the bathrooms and install electric hand dryers.

Stop by and try out the “new and improved” menu in the new and improved atmosphere.