Potluck planned for Thursday Friendship Center 11-14-12

Posted November 13, 2012 at 4:32 pm

Potluck planned for Thursday

Potluck dinner is tomorrow, Thursday the 15th. You are asked to bring an item that will be “sold” using play money. Strictly a fun -time!


Friendship Center

Pool news: My apologies to the players and the writer for missing the page with your Halloween comments. That said, here is the story for October 29. The players today were George Engelmann, Warren Skinner, Don Soper and Jesse Hammer. “The day started off with a bang as Engelmann and Skinner quickly won the first game. They ‘woke up’ Soper and Hammer who proceeded to win the next six games straight, and the 8-ball series six games to one. Then the tide turned as Engelmann and Skinner reversed the tide to win the final game and the “Championship of the World.” The winning shot was made by Engelmann as he made an amazingly difficult shot to win the game.” Kudos to Engelmann and Skinner

Oct. 30: “Tuesday was a terrible day for the brother-in-law team of Charles Droz and Jesse Hammer. They got a pre-Halloween surprise!! They showed up expecting to play the team of Bob Slunecka and George Mogle, but when they walked into the Friendship Center they were greeted by Slunecka and Mogle wearing ‘King Don Soper’ masks! Slunecka and Mogle had Droz and Hammer ‘shaking in their boots’ and scared to death! To make matters worse, both Slunecka and Mogle shot like ‘King’ Soper, and beat Droz and Hammer seven games to five, to convincingly win the 8-ball series. They finally took their masks off long enough for Droz and Hammer to win the ‘Championship of the World’ game. All fun aside on this day, Slunecka and Mogle was the better team! Congratulations.”

Nov. 5: “The 8-ball competition on Monday proved to be a sizzling hot day of pool shooting. King Don Soper and Dr. Jim DeGeest got off to a quick start to win the first game, but Sir Charles Droz and his partner Jesse Hammer came roaring right back to win nine straight games. Then DeGeest and Soper won the final two games. DeGeest made a fantastic bank-shot on the 8-ball to win the last game in the daily 8-ball series, and Soper duplicated the same shot to win the ‘Championship of the World’ game. Even though DeGeest and Soper had a bad day, they went home like the champions they are! Final score for the 8-ball series was Droz and Hammer nine and Soper and DeGeest two. Score for the day was nine to three in favor of Droz and Hammer.”

Nov. 6: “We hoped that the election turned out better than George Mogle and Warren Skinner’s shooting with Jesse Hammer and Charles ‘Mesa’ Droz. We held them in for a 2-2 tie and ‘That’s all she wrote.’ They shot us everywhere except in our pockets, five to two before the ‘P P Championship.’ We then ate lunch and came back to no avail. When the smoke cleared, ‘The fat lady sang’ and the 8- went in for the last shot .We gave it all we had and came up short. Another day a’coming. It will be our day to say ‘Hi-Yah!’”

Nov. 15: Potluck dinner at noon; cards after the meal and fun time

Nov 16: Cards. Dance the evening @ 7 p.m. Music by Vern Better

Nov. 17-19: Cards

Nov. 20: Rummy

Nov. 21: Cards

Nov. 22: Closed for Thanksgiving

Exercises each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:30-10:30 a.m.