Potluck dinner scheduled-Friendship Center

Posted January 16, 2013 at 11:04 am

Winter is here again, but I don’t need to tell anyone that! We all feel it in the air!!
The main topic this week is the potluck dinner on January 17 at noon. This will be our annual turkey gravy and biscuits dinner. We ask that you only bring salads or desserts for the meal. No casseroles, please. There will be a fun time after the meal and a drawing for the door prize from Modern Woodmen. Come join us.
News from the pool-snooker tables:
January 2 - The first pool players for 2013 had a great time! Doc Jim DeGeest and Harlan Meier played “toe to toe” with George Mogle and Warren Skinner. A regular score was 6 to 4 in favor of Mogle and Skinner, but the championship was a “barn-burner” and Doc and Harlan came through to win it. There were three gives to George and Warren by 8-ball infractions, but all was fine. A good lunch and conversation were taken care of. It is fun! Try us!! We are really good but we can be beaten if you want to give us a try! Life goes on and the wheels keep spinnin’.
January 7 - “In the hole! You’re a hero!” But the games were excellent! Philip Testerman and George Mogle played with determination and skill. What a pair!! Along comes the retired pharmacist Harlan Meier and a flatland farmer named Warren Skinner who had a heck of a shoot-out before they finally subdued Philip and George. Some fun, some super shots, some should’a made that one and pure misses. Still we had a barn burner. The best part of this story is the guys took off their glasses to play and they did “great.” So goes the glasses!!! Anyway Meier and Skinner won the “PPW” championship, and a good time was had by all. Just ask them.
We need players to fill in! Shoot once a week or two and maybe you will like it enough to come regularly. We challenge you!!
January 8 - 8-ball day. If there was ever an even match it was between George Engelmann and Arnold Johnson against Joe Oligmueller and Bob Slunecka. Five to five in regular play, and last ball shot put Joe and Bob champs of the “WPP.” Some surprising good shooting, and 3-4-5- ball runs, but not all the time. We aren’t pros-- just shoot like it--sometimes. Come play! Spare us some of your time, cue sticks are available!! You play off the walls--so to say. We would like to see you “at the tables.”
January 16 - Cards of choice
January 17 - Potluck at noon. Cards to follow
January 18-19-21 - Cards of choice
January 22 - Rummy
Exercises each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.

Potluck dinner scheduled