Pool news from Friendship Center 3-13-13

Posted March 12, 2013 at 4:53 pm

Pool news from Friendship Center

March 4: “8” news – 6-2 score. It all depends on who you talk to. George Mogle and Jim DeGeest wiped the floor up on two hapless players, Bob Slunecka and Warren Skinner. It seems that if there ever was a time that the “other” team couldn’t put a ball in a bushel basket, it was March 4. Guess whose team that was? We tried!

All this comes down to, “The only way is UP! so we’ll get our “nappys” and keep shootin’.

Had a great time and the lunch was great. See you at the Senior Center…it’s great.

March 5: Back at shootin’ pool! We have improved! Duane Robison and Warren Skinner had a three-game lead, lost it by lunch, kept shootin’ and cheering each other on.

Honest, it ended up at the end a 5-5 tie, but Robison and Skinner came home with a great big smile, and the championship.

Arnold Johnson won the “Don Soper Award” for the biggest run on balls in one game. What a genuine, humble player. He did “whoa” when the same was done. Bob Slunecka, his partner, was cheering him on. Fun to watch, and hard shootin’ on both sides.

South Hand was well represented as was North Suburbia. All friends, and we’ll do it again.

Us “ole guys” can really shoot pool. Try us and see if you can beat us. Shazam!