Pool continues to rule the day Friendship Center 4-17-13

Posted April 16, 2013 at 4:36 pm

Well, we thought spring had arrived; however, Mother Nature decided to show us who was still “boss” in that department. We can be thankful we didn’t get what the southeast part of the state got. And in regard to the snow, we at the Center sure do appreciate whoever keeps our sidewalk snow free. Great job! We also received a donation of some paper products from the American Family Insurance office, and appreciate that, also.

April 17: Cards


Friendship Center

April 18: Potluck dinner

April 19, 20, 22: Card games at 2 p.m.

April 23: Rummy cards

Exercises each Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.

Pool prattle

Monday, April 8: While it was raining outside, with a forecast of 6 to 8 inches of snow tonight and Tuesday, the shots were raining down and falling into the pockets on the inside for George Mogle and Jesse Hammer. The doubles team of Dr. Jim DeGeest and Joe Oligmueller were buried in a one-sided avalanche, as Mogle and Hammer won the daily double8-ball series 10 games to 2. Jim and Joe felt like they were blinded by a sudden white-out snow storm, as they also lost the “Championship of the World” game. At one point in the contest the “Hammer” made seven straight balls, but the last one was the cue-ball for a scratch. Not to worry, as his partner Mogle made the “shot of the day” with a beautiful cut short in the corner pocket to win the championship game. Final score was George and Jesse 11 wins, Jim and Joe two wins. April 10: It was a spring time snowfall of 6 to 8 inches of wet snow, but that did not keep the doubles 8-ball teams of Dr. Jim DeGeest, Shar (Von Eye) George, Bob Slunecka and Jesse Hammer from keeping their appointed match at the Center. The first game started off as a wake-up call for the team of Slunecka and Hammer. Before they even got their cue sticks chalked up they were down 0 to 1! Shar George started the game off like a storm as she made five straight terrific shots! DeGeest made the 8-ball to win the first game. Then the tables and good fortune turned in Bob and Jesse’s favor. By the 3 p.m. coffee break they were up eight games to one. After the break, Shar won the next game with a “shot of the day” perfect double bank shot on the 8-ball into the corner pocket. Bob and Jesse won the next two games to win the daily 8-ball series, 10 games to two. The “Championship of the World” game was a real cliff-hanger. It came down to the 8-ball, and Jesse dropped the Hammer down to pocket it for the win and double crowns for the day. Final score, Slunecka and Hammer 11 games, and DeGeest and Shar George two games.

Thursday, April 11: The snow is still falling. It is a beautiful scene! Joe Oligmueller, Merv Mewes and Warren Skinner started out as a trio on 8-ball table and while we were beating up on each other, Joe came and took the two of us single-handed, and ended up with a tie breaker of 1-1-1 as a champion for the game. Talk about humble pie. Rather eat sour-cream raisin anytime. Charlotte Evans and Marvin VanDerWerff came then, and continued to play for eight games or so. Charlotte served lunch for us.

Then this trio went to the newly refurbished Snooker table. Must be a good omen for Joe because he beat Merv and “Snooky” the first game. Joe had to leave early, but Bob Slunecka stopped by and we were a trio again. As the snow had stopped falling, pretty good pool was played and “Snooker S” won a game! Bob put more points up than Mewes and Skinner could muster together. We lost but went home still friends.

Thank God for moisture! Amen!

Pool continues to rule the day