Polo news is mostly weather news Polo-Orient 2-6-13

Posted February 5, 2013 at 7:30 pm

Polo news is mostly weather news

The news deadline last Monday meant the weather report remarks sent in early were met with big changes by afternoon meriting this comment, “It was four hours before I had to start eating my words. Not sure I like to say snow was the dessert for my Monday, Jan. 28 noon meal, but I just finished eating when the snow started. By 1:20 p.m. the falling flakes were those big fluffy nickel/quarter size flakes that are beautiful to the eye of the beholder, to watch drifting casually straight down, thanks to no wind out there. It also says the weatherman may have it forecasted right and some snow could accumulate. The ice cover on the ground that remains in many places will make it really challenging to tread from point A to point B with our new snow cover.



Tuesday morning’s additional weather report had this added: “How many calories in a word? With 12 inches of snow in 12 hours since Monday afternoon, it appears my diet will be a white one! But the sun is shining and no wind so it is a good day and it is beautiful.”

Last week’s weather also got attention with its below-zero range much of the time. Dropping to the 22 degree below mark was lowest we recorded on Thursday, Jan 31. We won’t talk about what below zero temps do to the wind chill factor. School let out early Wednesday, CCD classes were canceled that night and schools canceled on Thursday. When one has a priest with a farm upbringing, however, Father Murtha did not cancel the Thursday morning Mass at St. Liborius.

Of course when one lives in South Dakota, you expect change so by the weekend we were enjoying a warming trend and actually recorded temperatures up to 35 degrees. The drifting, sifting winds mid-week moved the snow around but didn’t cause the road blocks one would expect, thanks to our open roads this winter. That is not to say plenty of snow didn’t get dumped in places, especially when it blows off the roof by your door like Helen McKay and several others can testify to.

Sunday, Feb. 3 it was definitely noticeable that the snow cover had shrunk with Saturday’s warming trend and during the night. At 8 a.m. Monday, however, the needle was pointing to 10 degrees under the cloudy sky and calm wind. Dreary day ahead is an appropriate adjective.

LeRoy and Donna Schaefers joined in celebration of two grandchildren’s baptisms recently, (but it did not get in the column after having been submitted.) Brianna Mae, daughter of Andrew and Angela Schaefers, was baptized in Madison on Saturday evening, Jan. 12 and Victoria Marie, daughter, of Tom and Sarah Schaefers, was baptized in Sioux Falls on Sunday afternoon, Jan. 13.

Many family and friends gathered in Orient last Wednesday for Otho Eaton’s funeral. Dolores Clement, and the Clement nieces and nephews were in Huron on Tuesday to attend the funeral of her sister, Blanche Gebhart Haley.

A soup supper was served before and after the 7:30 p.m. Mass in Polo Saturday when the tables were full for all to enjoy the variety of soups, sandwiches and bars. Two teams from the Altar Society serve the annual event.

The CDA and KC’s will be meeting this week to finalize plans for their annual pancake and sausage meal and Mardi Gras at the Polo Gym Sunday, Feb. 10.