Plaza residents celebrate Thanksgiving Plaza-News 12-5-12

Posted December 5, 2012 at 4:06 pm

Plaza residents celebrate Thanksgiving

Randy and Teresa Fanning and Faith Higgins went to Minneapolis, Minn. November 2 to celebrate Teresa’s birthday with her family. They had supper at an Italian café along with Matt and Sarah Fanning, Eric Fanning, and Brittany, Nick and Claire Rehanek.

Minerva Jacobs returned to her apartment after spending some time in the hospital.

Abbie Hill spent Thanksgiving with the Steve Woockman family in Huron.

November 21, Jude and Faith Higgins and Teresa and Randy Fanning left to spend Thanksgiving in Savage, Minn. at the home of Matt and Sarah Fanning, who hosted Thanksgiving dinner. Present were Brittany, Nick and Claire Rehenek; Sharon and Larry Christenson; Nancy, Ashley and Gus Schumacher; Tim, Cathy and Carol Higgins; Deanne Armstrong; Bill Higgins, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Ed Higgins, Brookings, S.D.; and Eric Fanning. It was an enjoyable time together. It snowed Thanksgiving afternoon.

Monday, Nov. 26, all Plaza residents had new batteries replaced in the smoke detectors in their apartments.