Open government task force created

Posted August 22, 2012 at 6:40 pm

July 13: Leslie S. Edgar, Rockham, had a car-cow accident on 363rd Avenue near 192nd Street. Damage total was $32,000.00.

July 18: Kimberly A. Harvey, Huron, had a car-deer accident on 349th Avenue near 209th Street. Damage totaled $750.00.


Sheriff’s Report
Hand County Sheriff’s Office

July 26: Vonna Gail Schlechter, Orient, and a UTV rollover on S.D. Highway 26 at MP 245. Injury was sustained. Damage amount is unknown.

July 30: Jacob Wiercinsk, Redfield, had a rollover on SD Highway 45 at MP 133. Damage totaled $3,850.00, and injury was sustained.

August 6: Art Cavenee, Wessington, had a car-deer accident on 274th Avenue near 199th Street. Damage estimate was $915.00.

August 6: Royce C. LaRoche, Lower Brule, sustained injuries and $5,000.00 in damage to his vehicle in a rollover and subsequent fire. The accident occurred on SD Highway 45 at MP 89.

August 10: Karen J. Haigh, Wessington, had a rollover on 208th Street near 371st Avenue. No injury was sustained, but vehicle damage totaled $6,057.00.

August 16: Tim Kaltenbach, Miller, hit a cow on 201st Street near 351st Avenue. Injury was sustained. Damage total was $4,864.00.

August 17: John N. Rheinbolt, Highmore, was involved in a car-deer accident on SD Highway 26. Damage totaled $2,015.00.

Open government task force created

Gov. Dennis Daugaard and Attorney General Marty Jackley have announced formation of an Open Government Task Force that will study open record and open meeting laws in South Dakota to ensure maximum public access to state government business.

“The workings of government should be as transparent as practicable,” the Governor said. “Unless there is a compelling reason otherwise, I believe government information should be open and easily accessible.”

The task force includes media; city, county and state officials; representatives of various organizations; law enforcement; prosecutors; and others.

“This task force will continue work that has been done in the past decade that led to creation of the Open Meeting Commission and an Open Meeting statute that presumes most state government records are public,” the Attorney General said. “Reviewing the current process with those who deal with open records and meetings each day is invaluable and should be considered.”

The Open Government Task Force will meet several times this summer and fall, and then report its findings and recommendations to the Governor and Attorney General. The initial meeting of the group will be August 22 at 1 p.m. CDT, in the Capitol Lake Visitor Center at Pierre.

A likely result of the study will be legislation that would continue to improve and update open record and open meeting laws.