Old and new from Polo-Polo-Orient 11-7-12

Posted November 7, 2012 at 8:00 am

News from the area for the beginning of November includes continued beautiful fall weather that is just what our out-of-state guests ordered. Hunting in pleasant weather is like having frosting on the cake for those who schedule their vacations to South Dakota for pheasant season.

Ron and Sharon Wieseler’s guests for the opening weekend of pheasant season were Eric and Lisa Christianson, Kaitlyn, and Tyler, Fargo; Ben, Sierra, Autumn, and Colt Wieseler, Gettysburg; Mike and Rita Moe, Evie, and Mason Moe and friend Kenny, Aberdeen; Dennis  and Virgena Wieseler and Abbie Wieseler of Pierre; Joseph Wieseler and friend Jenna of Vermillion; Jerry and Carol Wieseler, Groton; Pat Wieseler and friend Michelle, Watertown; and Dominic Wieseler, Yankton.



Returning for his annual hunt since 1967 from Wisconsin was Jerry Darwin, Iron River, and son Todd from Brule, Wis., With them were Jim Nelson, who has been coming since 1972, and Bill Spence, who joined the hunting enthusiasts this year. The Wisconsin hunters have been staying in Faulkton since the ’40s and hunt the area. They have been looking for birds while visiting at the Jack and JoAnn Schaefers for 20 years. While in Faulkton they stopped to visit with Marlene Kern whom they have been visiting since their early Faulkton-Seneca area hunting trips.  

Because Nelson reads the Orient/Polo column online in Wisconsin before coming to South Dakota, he arrived ready to remind your correspondent that, ”We’ve both got 40 years to crow about. I have been hunting pheasants in South Dakota as long you have been writing about it along with other news in your column. We’ve both been at it for 40 years! 

This year has perfect weather, but is proving a real challenge to find birds. As usual, our pheasants get pretty smart after opening weekend and those remaining manage to find some good hiding spots even though the cover has all been harvested in 2012.

George Esoph, Minneapolis, Minn., came Monday and is visiting his brother-in-law Jim Ortmeier and son Jim for a few days. He also visited relatives and friends in his former Orient and Miller communities before going to Aberdeen to visit.

Bob Sturdevant, Helena, Mont., stopped to visit his cousin, JoAnn and Jack Schaefers, en route to Faulkton to spend a few days. He had been in Brookings visiting his mother, Verna Sturdevant before her November birthday. Son Troy Sturdevant, East Helena, Mont., also flew in for hunting and time with his father and the Huss relatives in Faulkton and Orient.

Rick Schaefers hosted his regular hunters who have been coming for many years for their pheasant hunting vacation in South Dakota.

Polo had a very special guest last week from Germany, which we can read all about next week. Maria Hueser from near Paderborn Germany, where many early settlers came from and a relative of the Hardes families, visited St. Liborius Tuesday, Oct. 30. Dorothy (Gaspar) Bernard and Sister Mary Jane Gaspar, PBVM brought her to Polo. Susan Fulton drove her mother, Agnes Kolda from Miller to Polo to meet her cousins.  

As this is being written, the date is November 2, which is the date South Dakota and North Dakota gained their statehood in 1889. It is interesting to note that 123 years later they are making news with the big oil boom in North Dakota that has brought some noticeable changes to the northwest corner of South Dakota also. When one looks back it is pretty amazing what the history books have recorded about our great state of South Dakota. And our residents will continue to provide the welcome mat to all who travel to see our tourist attractions and take part in our activities–be they bike rally, skiing, hunting or return to visit family and friends. 

By the time you read this, we will be starting to get back to the normal TV and newspapers as Campaign 2012 will be history and we will be going forward with the voter’s choice of leadership. And we will hopefully have more hunter guests listed and know if our fall weather has continued into November.

On November 3, the Alvin and Lucille Anglin siblings ventured to Omaha Neb. to witness the wedding of Sarah Schooler and Aric Erdman, son of Brian and Janet {Anglin} Erdman. Among those attending the wedding were Lois and Jack Zens, Rapid City; Eileen and Tom Wilson, Callaway, Neb.; Marion and Dave Moeller, Redfield; Barb Kolda, Polo; Larry and Leonda Anglin, Miller; and Ed Anglin, Sioux Falls.

Tom Jackson, Sneal, Fla., stopped at the Kolda farm on November 1 for his annual visit. Along with enjoying some pheasant hunting, he was able to visit with Lucille, Leon and Ervin Kolda families and Milo and Deb Kolda, Sturgis, and Dean and Rema Kolda and Morgan, St. Lawrence.


The annual Diocese of Sioux Falls Senior High Youth Rally was held at the Huron High School Sunday, Nov. 4 from 10:30 to 6:30. Local students joined 850 youth from across the diocese for the day, which was filled with music and speakers.  Bishop Paul Swain celebrated the 5 p.m. Mass. Fr. Terry Anderson from Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Huron visited with his former parishioners during noon lunch break.

Area students and teachers attending the Huron rally were: Natalee and Nathan Kolda, Denae Schlechter, Ellen and John Schlechter and Jake Schlechter, and teachers Joe and Chris Schaefers and JoAnn Schaefers, representing St. Liborius Parish, Polo.

Maria Aesoph, Jack Aesoph, JoLene Edgar, Reece Schulte and teacher JoAnn Aesoph, represented St. Joseph’s CCD, Orient.  

Tonnor Bowar, Cole and Connor Brand, Tyler Cunningham, Courtney Edgar, Lane Melius, Carson Ortmeier, Layla Stevens, Amanda Lowinske, Joseph Holsing, Tyler Gutenkauf and teacher Tim Bowar represented St. Thomas Parish, Faulkton.  Dane Bryant and Donavan Greiner, and parent Shirley Greiner, attended from St. Bonifice Parish, Seneca.

Old and new from Polo