Oh, the places you will go! Wells Wisdom 3-6-13

Posted March 5, 2013 at 4:34 pm

It was a Dr. Seuss kind of weekend. You know Dr. Seuss–the critically acclaimed author of The Cat in the Hat series. Each year, elementary classes everywhere honor Dr. Seuss for his truly awesome contribution to children’s literature.

Now, as much as I love his books–I read Oh, the Places You Will Go to my senior class every year and every year I think they consider whether or not I need to be committed–I have a small confession to make: I don’t like The Cat in the Hat. No fooling, that giant, smug, know-it-all cat gets on my nerves with his mess-making and Thing 1 and Thing 2.


Jackie Wells-Fauth

This is not an overall rejection by any means. I love Horton and his fixation with saving the Whos. I even love the Grinch, who, after he stole Christmas, was completely won over to the true meaning of Christmas by the Whos.

I’ve always loved the story behind Green Eggs and Ham, which some say was created after Seuss made a bet that he could write a book using just 50 words, and so he did.

But as for the Cat in the Hat, that charming little housebreaker is not on my list of friends. Especially do I dislike his giant red bow tie and his stovepipe red and white striped hat. I have been of this opinion for a very long time.

So, today, I was somewhat nonplused to find myself sitting at a luncheon fund-raiser, wearing that very hat and looking at a lot of people around me, also wearing the same headgear. Okay, so I was not surprised by the table’s theme. My friend who organized it, had been planning it for weeks. I also knew she was looking for Cat-in-the-Hat hats for the table. What I guess I missed is that we would all wear them.

Now, when one is wearing a Cat-in-the-Hat hat, one must do it with flair. Any number of the others at the table were wearing theirs with interesting folds and neat kinks in the stovepipe of the hat. I nonchalantly flipped mine on my head and did a little “fluffing” to give it some body and life.

Then the worst part of the hat happened. They took out a camera. Now, I have no objection to pictures. I’ve come to realize they are a part of life. But my usual agreement is, okay they can take the picture but don’t show it to me.

So you’ve guessed it. They not only took a picture; they showed it me. In fact, I saw it on facebook. There they all were, Cat in the Hat hats looking like cute, twisted versions of the famous cat. And there was I, with my hat plastered to my head, looking like I’d just been caught in a high wind which had blown my hat down like a weak-rooted tree.

So, I am not a fan of the Cat in the Hat, nor his hat, which I will never wear again, by the way. But I do love the incomparable Dr. Seuss and I would read him on a boat and I would read him with a goat and I would read him here and there, and I would read him anywhere!

Oh, the places you will go!