Of the people, by the people, for the people? RAMifications 10-9-13

Posted October 8, 2013 at 5:36 pm

When is the last time you have been truly impressed with a politician? When has the word “noble” come to mind when you hear one of them speaking? Does the idea, “I’d like to crack their heads together” come to mind instead?

I’ve voted in quite a few elections…and at times I was seriously impressed with the candidates I voted for. Other times it was the “best of two evils.” Some defeats of the candidates I voted for saddened me, but on the other hand, I was happy when my choice was also the choice of the majority.


Ruth A. Moller

This most recent fiasco of closing down the government has me shaking my head and also wanting to bury my head in shame that the supposed “representatives” are surely not representing me. I’m ashamed of how the people who are supposedly speaking for us are acting like a bunch of brats! Noble? No way.

I nearly gag when these supposed representatives of their constituents make a sweeping statement about “the American people.” What people are you talking about? America is diverse, and encompasses many ideas, ideals, beliefs, histories. It is impossible to make a generalization about “the American people.”

However, in my mind, closing down the government is about as selfish and stupid and single-minded as one can get. These people may have their little temper tantrum and say, “I’ll show you,” but in the long run, the ones they are hurting are the ones they are supposed to represent. And this includes some of the peons who work for the federal government.

I would like to see “noble” again. I would like to see men and women who have the guts to put aside party politics and really consider what they are doing to millions of Americans with their actions.

I am not proud of our Congress right now. I am not

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impressed with temper-tantrum idiots who want their own way, no matter what the consequences may be. These “public servants” have plenty of perks…but what about the rest of the “American people.” And believe me, many of these people sitting in Congress are in no way “servants.”

How would they like to be a young single mom working for minimum wage? How would they like to be a hard worker who has always done for himself, but can’t pay for his life-sustaining medications? How would they like to be an elderly person who in no way can pay her bills because she could never save enough up…she was helping out her kids? How about the divorcee who has to declare bankruptcy, or the farmer who is going broke or the child who has leukemia?

Those, folks, are also the “American people.”

This country has gone through plenty of ups and downs. There have always been arguments about the best way to proceed in any given crisis. But somehow, we muddled through. And what has happened should not have been a crisis. It seems to me it was a manufactured one by some who didn’t have their way.

But usually there has always been a point when policy makers decide they’d better make policy, and quit acting like two-year-olds (my apology to all two-year-olds out there).

Back to the original question: other than a bronze statue in a park, have you noticed anyone “noble” lately in Washington, D.C.?

Of the people, by the people, for the people?