NRCS 2013 tree orders

Posted March 19, 2013 at 5:17 pm

Anyone planning on planting trees this spring should have their tree planting plan and order in by now. Also, you will need to count the replacement trees you will need in your belt. Please stop in the NRCS office to make out your plan or to order your trees as soon as possible, as there is a very limited supply of some varieties and the office is out of some others. Following is a small sample of items the district has to offer. Call 605-853-2410, Ext. 3 for sizes and prices.


American Cranberry

American Plum

Black Chokecherry

Buffalo Berry



Dogwood, Redosier


Lilac, Common

Russian Almond

Skunkbrush Sumac

Willow, Sandbar

Medium & Tall Trees

Amur Maple

Black Cherry

Black Walnut


Bur Oak


Cottonwood, Native



Kentucky Coffee Tree

Linden, American

Linden, Little Leaf

Silver Maple

Walnut, Black

Willow, Golden

Willow, Laurel Leaf


Eastern Red Cedar

Rocky Mountain Juniper

Black Hills Spruce

Colorado Blue Spruce

Meyer Spruce

Austrian Pine

Ponderosa Pine

Scotch Pine

Fruit Trees & Plants

Apple, Honey Crisp 4-5’

Apple, Liberty 4-5’

Pear, Bartlett 4-5’

Pear, Hollow Sweet 4-5’

Plum, Bluebyrd 4-5’

Plum, Stanley 4-5’

Grape, Bluebell

Grape, Frontenac

Grape, King of the North

Grape, Riverbank

Raspberries, Caroline

Raspberries, Souris

Strawberries, Honeoye

Native Grasses

Bluestem, Big & Little


Cordgrass, Prairie Red River

Grama, Blue & Side Oats

Indiangrass, Tomahawk


Switchgrass, Dakotah

Wildrye, Canada & Virginia

Native Perennials

Aster, New England, Heath & Smooth

Black-eyed Susan

Blazing Star

Columbine, American

Coneflower, several varieties

Mexican Hat

Milkweed, Butterfly

Pasque Flower

Penstemon, Shell Leaf

Prairie Blue-eyed Grass

Sage, White


Garden Perennials

Daylillies, over 10 to choose from

Flax, Appar

Iris, Siberian Caesar

Lady Mantle

Pasque Flower Hybrid

Sage, Russian

Salvia, May Night

Sedum, Autumn Joy