Nothing better than a baby to ease the doldrums RAMifications 4-24-13

Posted April 23, 2013 at 5:15 pm

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There’s something rather magical about having a baby in the house. You have to be attuned to a baby’s wants and needs, and be prepared to offer solace and tenderness whenever required.
That said, I must remind myself that babies come in all forms…including kittens.

I received my little bundle of fur April 2. She turned eight weeks old April 9. I must say she’s adjusted very well, but it still takes some thought on my part to remember she is not only in my house, she is often under my feet.

When I took her home, she was a bit shy…for about 30 minutes. Then it was time to explore. I’d purchased a little basket especially for her special bed. She slept in it the first night, but she much prefers other places, such as on top of my nightstand, on top of the dresser, or in my bed.

I’d also purchased kitten chow and canned kitten food. She prefers the “grown-up” food meant for Annie and Callie.

My two “old timers” were quite horrified by this fur ball. After the appropriate number of days of hissing, Callie has adjusted pretty well, and even lets the kitten come up to her. Annie, however, is an ongoing big hissy fit. She doesn’t easily adapt

to change.

However, I know neither cat would actually hurt the kitten, and the kitten takes it all in stride. After all, she has decided every nook and cranny is hers to explore.

Although I’d been given a few suggestions for her name, I decided I’d wait and see what fit her. I still call her other names at times, such as “Fluffball” and “Pumpkin,” but her actual name is “Bella,” meaning beautiful. She is that, and she knows her name: if I call it, here she comes.

We have a few things to work out. My leg is not a tree. My food is my own…I don’t share. My fingers are not dead mice to be gnawed on. The table is not part of her Queendom. No chewing or sleeping on the plants.

I’ve been a bit lax in letting her stay in my bedroom at night. Her choice of sleeping place is at my head, behind the pillow. She’s usually good about sleeping through the night, although she’s ready to play when the alarm goes off.

At times she’s a bit aggressive. She doesn’t like it when I read a book, so she tries to distract me (and often succeeds).

When I took her in for her first shots, she weighed 2 lbs., 2 oz.—mostly fur. But she likes to eat, she’s a growing kitten, and I expect her to continue to thrive.

As I said at the beginning, babies are great mood-lifters, at least for me. I’ve also read pets play a part in people living longer. I seriously thought maybe I shouldn’t take on another pet, but emotion prevailed. And I’m so happy it did.


Ruth A. Moller

Nothing better than a baby to ease the doldrums