Not much news, except pool cues Friendship Center 11-7-12

Posted November 9, 2012 at 6:31 pm

Not much news, except pool cues

By the time you read this, the election will be history!


Friendship Center

This past week was a busy one at the pool-snooker tables here at the Center.

Oct. 31: This is about four men playing pool–Bob Slunecka, Warren “Snooky” Skinner, Don Soper and Doc. Jim DeGeest. “Slunecka and Soper started with a run-away look in their cues, but DeGeest and ‘Skinny’ shot back to tie 2 and 2. They then proceeded to add two more on, and then lunch time saves the ‘beaten down.’ After lunch, the beaten-down got on track, with good food under our belts, and proceeded to win two more, and they got one, so when the ‘PP Champ’ time came we said enough is enough. Soper and Slunecka had six to four over DeGeest and Skinner. We prevailed and took it. Good times had by all. Come find out! We can be beat.”

Snooker was the game in the evening.The solid two who play every Wednesday evening–Bob Slunecka and Warren Skinner–lived to play again and it was a one to one night. Great shots, bum shots, missed shots, close,”you pert near made it” and “darn.” “All these were there and through it all, we will be here to play again.Come play with the ‘Two old pros!’ We take on all comers, win or lose, and even shake hands after the game.”

November 1st, the day after Halloween, was a special 8-ball and snooker “Trick or Treat “competition for the teams of George Engelmann and Warren Skinner against the “country pumpkin” team of Charles Droz and Jesse Hammer. Unfortunately, it was a scary “trick day” for Engelmann and Skinner as they were left with with their “win bag” completely empty. Droz and his “Halloween birthday boy” partner Hammer continued celebrating Hammers 78th birthday, as they swept all the 8-ball and snooker games to win both pool championships. Results: 8-ball series 3 to 0 and the Snooker series 2 to 0. “How sweet it is!! What a great treat! However, all was not lost for Skinner and Engelmann. As a consolation prize they were given the brooms they were swept with. As they flew off for home on their Halloween brooms, you could hear them shouting ‘Thanksgiving is around the corner, and we will be back to celebrate and Droz and Hammer will be the Turkeys!!’ It was a ‘real fun day.’ My apologies to Skinner and Engelmann (I think) as I (Jesse) got carried away celebrating the beginning of my 79th year. What a great way to kick it off!”

November 7: Cards of choice

November 8: Rummy

November 9-10-12: Cards of choice .

November 13: Rummy

November15: POTLUCK DINNER at noon

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