News is pheasants and hunters Polo-Orient 10-30-13

Posted October 30, 2013 at 4:40 pm

News is pheasants and hunters

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Saturday’s weather was enough to convince any and all hunters in South Dakota for opening weekend of Pheasant Season 2013, that we do live in hunter’s paradise.  The birds are here, maybe not as abundant as in some past years, but they are here and they know how to get away in all the cornfields. And the hunters know how and what to do to bring down some of them for tasty meals later here or back in their home states.

Sunday, the weather dawned with the familiar winds of South Dakota but determined hunters were still able to bag some birds. AND as they all say, they come for the birds, yes, but they come for all the perks that go along with hunting pheasants in our wide open spaces and for the friendly hospitality they always receive.

Farmers have their beans out of the field and the combines are rolling to bring in the corn harvest now. The yields are amazing, since the weather during the growing season left some questions as to whether there would be good or poor yields. 

Temperatures dropped to 26 degrees, which definitely classifies as cool fall weather. Rains or showers continue to keep the dust settled as measurements are in the two-inch-plus category recently. Makes one appreciate the sun all the more when it comes out to compete with the awesome full moons we have had in the night-time skies. 

 Several from the community were in Miller last Tuesday and Wednesday to attend the funeral services for 101-year-old Lenore Venjohn. Among the out-of-town relatives who attended were Duke and Peg Venjohn, Custer, who were overnight guests with daughter Shelley and Brad Martinmaas.  Former Polo residents, Ed and Delores (Venjohn) Martinmaas were also back for her aunt’s funeral with Lenore’s children who could be present, Vonnie, Joyce, Sherry, Jerome, and Rick and her brother, Hubert and Betty Clement, and sister-in-law, Dolores Clement, Orient.

Attending the wedding of her brother, Rick Eschenbaum and Allyssa Pechacek on October 5 in Aberdeen was Katie Eschenbaum , along with Mark Schaefers and Joe and Chris Schaefers.

Iola (Toots Schaefers) Hansen, Lewiston, Idaho, accompanied Louie and Shellagh Schaefer, Richland, Wash., to visit siblings and relatives in the area. They arrived Wednesday and were houseguests with her nephew, Roger Zens and JoAnn Morford in Miller, and with her sister, Patty and Delmar Fawcett in Ree Heights. At the Fawcetts they were joined by nieces Susie Odden, Ree Heights, and Robin Strain, Sturgis, and their families.

The Washington visitors drove out to see the St. Liborius Complex and Calvary Cemetery in Polo on Thursday after dinner and spending the afternoon with her nephew, Jack and JoAnn Schaefers.  Friday, nephew Jim Ortmeier and son Jim visited his aunt and cousin in Miller.

Adding special family memories to their South Dakota trip was time spent with her brother, Wilfred Faust in Miller and niece Dawn Price and family, and with the three Nebraska cousins who came especially to visit them. Monday, the Schaefers began their trip home to the west coast by stopping in Rapid City to visit her brother LaVerne Faust.

Thursday’s after-dinner conversation included considerable time remembering 59 years ago, when Jack and JoAnn knocked on Toots and her late husband Louie’s door in Lewiston on Halloween for a fun-filled honeymoon week. During the week, all the Schaefers including then ten-year-old son Louie and 16-year-old daughter Bev drove to Port Townsend, Wash. They went to visit the Ray and Laurina Ortmeier family and Phyllis Lechtenberg, who was living with them. 

Jack King, Oakland, Calif., came Thursday for a week with his uncle, Jim Ortmeier. He also brought greetings from his mother, Mary King in Scottsdale, Ariz. Also visiting Jim Ortmeier and son Jim were Mike Mitchell, Rapid City, nephew Alex (the late Dan Mitchell’s son), Mike and Jackie Mitchell family of Miller. After Mass at St. Liborius Saturday night, all of the above were present when Father Murtha baptized Mike and Jackie’s daughter and a son.

Home for pheasant hunting season opener with LeRoy and Donna Schaefers were Darrell and April Schaefers, Derek and Karson of Larkspur, Colo.; Andrew and Ang Schaefers and Brianna of Madison; Tom and Sarah Schuster, TC and Tori of Bath; and Scott, Jennifer, Emily, Jake and Ally Gibson of Miller. The Colorado Schaefers arrived early in the week and also enjoyed time with April’s family, Jerry and Vicki Kegler of Faulkton. Tom and Barb Schuster of Brandon and Matt Schuster of Harrisburg joined the group on Saturday. The “Schaefers crew” combined work and play while visiting the parental home, helping Dad and Mom with fall projects as well as helping first-time pheasant hunter Derek bag one of South Dakota’s famous birds. Darrell and April Schaefers, Derek and Karson, of Larkspur, Colo., visited in the Vic and Marion Martinmaas home on Monday. Sarah Schuster, TC and Victoria of Bath also visited Grandpa Vic and Grandma Marion on Friday. Linda Leddy of Sioux Falls, Marilyn Burckhard of Aberdeen and Ken Martinmaas of Clear Lake spent the weekend with Vic and Marion, helping their parents ready their home and yard for the upcoming winter months.

Ken and Pam Schaefer had weekend guests for opening weekend of hunting season. Home for the hunt were Ryan and Becky Schaefer, Grant,  Claire and Max, Sioux Falls; Jessica and Eric Glodrey, Logan and Morgan, Aberdeen; Pam’s siblings Larry and Sharon Eldeen, Redfield, and son John Eldeen of Sioux Falls; Earl and Sheila Sprague, Redfield; and Maylou Oakley, Miller.

Hunters returned to the Jack Schaefers farm, along with Doug Schaefers from Huron. They came from Superior, Wis., and Duluth, Park Rapids, Esko and Procter, Minn. The nice thing about the season is welcoming back people who become like family and everyone feels right at home when they pull into the farm. No matter where you go, all those who host their hunters would echo the same comments and everyone is grateful the  hunting season happens, for opportunity for friends to get together in the fall of the year when the pheasants beckon hunters to the field.  

The chilly weather feels like snow is around the corner but it is only October so we just need to get out the jackets as the temps cool down, because snow is not on order for awhile yet. However, Monday, evening at 8 p.m. there are sprinkles coming down.