My very own money pit-Wells Wisdom

Posted January 16, 2013 at 11:28 am

My very own money pit

There is an old movie out there called “The Money Pit.” Although it is not a popular movie, I have always found the story of the couple who bought an old house and then couldn’t stop paying for repairs reasonably entertaining. Even more, it is easy to relate to that.


Jackie Wells-Fauth

I have been working on my very own little money pit in my house. We started by deciding that the basement bathroom needed remodeling. Of course, we were just going to clean up the floor and perhaps replace the sink. It was going to be a simple little repair job.

Once the sink was replaced, the walls didn’t look that good, so we decided to replace them and then they needed paint and after that, of course, the stool didn’t look right, and well, you get the idea.

The trouble is, there doesn’t seem to be any end to this particular money pit. Every time I think I’m done spending the money on that renovation, it comes back again. We decided that with a nice bathroom downstairs, we should probably buy a decent couch for the living room. That was an excellent idea, but now that we have that couch, it seems like the television down there is not much good, so how can we sit on the new couch and watch the lousy television?

I know what will happen when we get the television replaced. It will just mean that the television stand isn’t going to work any more and once we replace that, we’re likely to notice that the rugs don’t go with anything any more.

I was busy thinking about these things, with all the cost going round and round in my head. I decided to remind myself of why it’s important to do these renovations so that rooms can take on a nicer look. It really did look nice in that bathroom and I was just starting to feel better about it when I realized that bathroom rug looked even worse than the rug in the television room.

So now, I need to go shopping for rugs for the bathroom that are the quality of the rugs that will be in the television room. When I have those, that old shower curtain is going to look pretty tacky and once it’s replaced, of course, the curtain will no longer look right. In addition, Roy pointed out that the garbage can looks pretty bad, too.

I keep telling myself that eventually, the money pit has to run out. I will stop finding things to buy that must keep up with the rest of the renovations. However, my husband may have just decided to come up with a new potential money pit.

“I’ve decided that perhaps we should add onto the garage,” he announced one day.

“Oh, let’s not do that,” I said.

“Why ever not?”

“Because, if you add on to the garage, the house won’t look right, so you’ll have to add onto it. Once that’s been done, you’ll probably decide that the roof lines aren’t correct and then maybe we’ll need to replace windows, and then curtains will have to be re-done. It’s too horrible to think about it. We can’t go on living in the money pit!”