My personal Santa RAMifications 11-28-12

Posted November 27, 2012 at 7:01 pm

My personal Santa

I believe in Santa. I have always believed. Many years ago, when I was a little girl, I saw sleigh tracks in our driveway. There were no footprints that would lead me to think somebody was pulling sticks to look like tracks. The tracks were there, and I figured the reindeer paws were already up in the air, ready to go to the roof.


Ruth A. Moller

Nowadays, I have my personal Santa, and I’m known him a long time, and I guarantee that he is real. Actually, I’ve known him since he was a little kid, but I didn’t realize the potential that was going to mold him into an exceptional Santa.

We became reacquainted when we both lived in Rapid City. He’s my cousin. He was with me through certain hard times when I lived in Rapid. He was my solace, my support. I don’t think I could have gotten through some rough patches without him. He was always kind, supportive. We became fast friends. Back then, though, he didn’t have a beard.

However, over the years, this wonderful friend has metamorphosed into Santa Claus. Thanks to his mother’s genes he is able to grow a white, flowing beard. He is the personification of Santa–in mind and deed. And the beard is real! No padding is necessary. He’s Santa! If you don’t believe it, ask any of the many children he has met and charmed over the last several years.

Since he has lived in the Minneapolis area, he has been “Santa Bob” for innumerable parties, gatherings, charities. And he looks just like the Santa I’d always envisioned. True, there are many other Santa helpers in the Twin Cities area alone, and they get together before the holiday season; after all, they all have the same goals—to make children happy. But I have a feeling “my” Santa is the best.

Santa Bob takes his job seriously. His ruby-red vehicle has “Ho-ho-ho” emblazoned on the door…he projects Santa way beyond the Christmas season.

He told me about a Latino family who had no money for Christmas…but the little boy believed strongly in Santa. So Santa Bob went beyond the Santa “rules” and brought a real fire engine and firemen to visit him, then found “angels” to help out with other gifts and food for a memorable Christmas. That’s what every Santa should do, don’t you think?

Santa Bob doesn’t hover around only at Christmas. The beard stays year-around. At my sister’s funeral last year, he–in non-Santa attire–talked to some of the younger generation who were there, and again made real believers out of them; I got to see him in action. The beard, after all, is convincing. But his personality is what does the trick…he genuinely likes kids.

My “Santa Bob” has continued the wonderful world of mysticism that allows kids (of all ages) to believe that good does exist, that some dreams can come true, and that if you close your eyes and tap your ruby-red shoes, that miracles can happen.

Santa has a day job, too. He also has kids and grandkids and a wife (Mrs. Claus?). But when he’s in Santa mode, that is where his focus lies, because that is who he is.

I can attest that Santa Bob is one of the most caring, reliable men I’ve ever known. So I guess that means that he is also the perfect Santa in a world that needs a bit of wonder.

Thank you, Santa. Love you, dear heart, RA

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