Music reveals the secrets of the soul…RAMifications 12-12-12

Posted December 11, 2012 at 4:25 pm

I love music…but it has to be the right kind. I wonder how many people have discovered “Pandora” on the Internet. You can tell the site what type music you want to hear, and there you go.

I’m usually stuck on John Denver and his type of music. First, I can understand every word these people sing. Second, many of them are “kindly,” meaning they don’t talk violence or putting people down. I am not a “rapper.”


Ruth A. Moller

I grew up loving Peter, Paul and Mary, and Simon and Garfunkel and similar musicians, and I haven’t changed my appetite.

Back in the “Dark Ages” my dad was appalled by Elvis Presley. While I’m not an avid Presley fan, he had some songs I really liked. Compared to some of the trash that passes for music nowadays, his words were pretty pure. No innuendo, no “expletives deleted,” no dark stuff. True, many of his slower songs were erotic, but that primarily in the mind of the listener.

Perhaps it was where I was in my “mind” at the time, but I could always relate to “Rocky Mountain High” and many of John Denver’s other songs (still can). My youngest son was named, primarily, for Denver’s song, “Matthew.” It wasn’t a priority name for our adopted child, until I heard the song. At that point David took second place and became his middle name…Matthew it was.

Even today, when I hear “Sweet Caroline” or “Proud Mary” I immediately want to dance, just as I did back when I had the opportunity to do so.

I’ve never been much into opera or classical music. It grates on my senses after a few bars. I guess in my heart, I’m still an ole’ country gal. I like music that makes sense, that has a beat, that leaves you feeling good.

And once in a while, I love a song that stirs my spirit and makes me want to either cry or shout “Amen!”

I love music of the Christmas season, from “O, Come All Ye Faithful” to “O Holy Night” and “Silent Night.” Christmas music transports me from the mundane to the magical. Do not tamper with it. It’s beauty at its best, and it inspires, brings people back to faith, and leaves one with the breathless feeling of belief.

The first time I heard “Halleluiah Chorus,” I was transported. What wonderful music we can make with our voices and a few instruments!

I want music I can understand; I want music that uplifts me, or makes me laugh or cry, or just celebrate the wonder of music and the wonder of life.

Be it John Denver or a church choir, the message is clear: beautiful music is inspired, and is ours to be enjoyed. Let’s quit messing it up.

I dare say I’m stuck around the age of 26-32. I loved where I lived, I had great friends, my kids were my life, as was my husband. I loved my work and our church family and our Jaycee group, and I was simply happy. I also loved the music of the day.

And I could dance to “Proud Mary.”

Music reveals the
secrets of the soul…