Move Miller Move wrap-up

Posted December 11, 2012 at 4:41 pm

Here are the stats of our first Miller Olympics:

256 total took part in the challenge

40 teams

251 Females

55 males

50 school staff

40 students

We have had several businesses take part in Challenge:

American State Bank, Quoin Bank, DT-Trak, Miller Elementary School and Miller High School, Reck Funeral Home, Swenson Dental, Mid-Dakota Rural Water, Clothes Garden, Weight Watchers, AFC office , Avera Hospital, Avera Clinic and Carr Chiropractic. Some had one team and some had several teams!

Appreciation to the businesses for the support.

Our youngest taking part in the Olympics were Hannah Pederson and Kennedy Keck – both five years old

The wisest, most mature – Norma Carr

Total number of minutes at the minimal exercised: 328,000 minutes in eight weeks; 5,466 hours in the last eight weeks; and 683 hours each week of the Olympics

140 earned a gold medal, 86 earned a silver medal and 30 earned a bronze medal!

Since this is the first MOVE MILLER MOVE campaign those who took the lead in this campaign deserve thanks. So whether you earned a gold/silver or bronze or even just struggled to keep up, you are encouraged to keep going and keep working to make physical fitness a part of your life and your family’s life. When others see us exercise they will know that Miller is a community that is ON THE MOVE.