Mothers and Daughters; Fathers and Sons

Posted May 1, 2013 at 4:46 pm


CDA mothers & daughters.jpg

MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS OF CATHOLIC DAUGHTERS. Court Our Lady of Fatima, #1518 Orient-Polo’s four delegates attending the April 19-21, 2013 state convention in Brookings April 19-21, were joined by two other former Polo daughters. The mother-daughter sextet included, inset, Cheryl Schaefers and daughter Mo, Polo; left to right above, JoAnn Schaefers, 60-year member, Polo, and daughter Camille Dunnick, Sioux Falls; National CDA Regent, Anne Nelson, Linthicum, Md.; Laree Giovannettone, Sioux Falls, and Marietta Wieseler, 45-year member, Polo. Court Our Lady of Fatima was chartered in August 1949 in Orient.  The torch is being passed as the daughters are all active and involved in numerous CDA projects, as well as officers in their respective courts, as they share the message of the 113-year-old Catholic Daughter organization for future generations.


KC FATHERS AND SONS. Local Knights taken into the Huron area, Father Flannery 4th Degree Assembly, Friday, April 26 preceding the KC Convention hosted by the Huron KC Council. Jerome Schaefers and Joe Schaefers of Polo joined their brother, James Schaefers and father Don Schaefers of Rapid City, as 4th Degree Knights. Pictured from left, Jerome, James, Don, Joe Schaefers and Don’s son-in-law, Kelly Thomas, Rapid City. Not pictured, Doug Schaefers, Huron, and Jack Schaefers, Polo, also 4th Degree KCs. Don Schaefers and Jack Schaefers, graduated in the 1940s from Fairview (Polo) High School and joined the KCs in 1947 in the Redfield Council until Polo started their council in 1959. Don joined the Aberdeen 4th Degree Assembly in 1950 and Jack and Doug are charter members of the Huron Assembly, chartered in 2001.  Like the CDA, which the KCs helped establish, the torch is in the hands of the younger generations to carry on the service and spiritual projects of the organization.


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