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Posted January 22, 2013 at 8:44 pm

Here we go again: Another barn-burner day as we had “Doc” Jim DeGeest and Harlan Meier playing against George Mogle and Ken “the kid” Stevens. This was Stevens’ first time to play 8-ball as he slid into town from South Hand. Mogle and Stevens shot to a 5 to 5 tie in regular play. After lunch and coffee (to keep up their strength), then the “fearsome four” went at it again and this time the outcome was like this—Doc and Harlan just didn’t get to put the darned “ole” 8-ball in the pocket fast enough ‘cause Ken and George did it first! Come play with us and we appreciate all the players, who come to play with us in slippery slick weather.

Jan. 15: “I guess there are some pretty good “pool hall” players in Hand County.” Arnold Johnson and Joe Oligmeuller shot away the team of Bob Slunecka and George Engelmann 8 to 2 games and took a solid gold turn of confidence for the next bunch of games. They shot very well, but nobody is unbeatable and still joke about it and smile, too. What we do best is have fun and good camaraderie! To top off the day Arnold, Bob and Joe played one game on the Snooker table. Guess who won?? Long-tall-slender with fingers six inches long?? Not bad for a flatlander from South Hand.


Friendship Center

Jan. 16: A guest player, Jerry Cotton from Oklahoma, played Wednesday evening. He shot his way through the locals, Bob Slunecka and Warren Skinner, and when the night came to a close, he had won 2 of 3 games. He is a good old boy and pretty good shooter, so he can come again every so often. We play all comers, win or loose!!

Jan. 17: When the hour was done, so were we! Merv Mewes and Joe Oligmueller went on a tear and we couldn’t catch up!! Two games to 0 over Bob Slunecka and Warren Skinner. Snooker came to our rescue as Charlotte Evans and Marvin VanDerWerff took over the pool table. Merv had a new graphite cue and he is justly proud of it. They will start to call him “Hand Co. Slim” as he gets used to it. As for Bob and Warren, they won the first game of three. Then Merv and Joe fired up and won the next one. All said and done, we won the last game, but all were pretty darn good games. Two to one for Bob and Warren.

Jan. 23: Cards of choice

Jan. 24: Rummy

Jan. 25-26-28: Cards

Jan. 29: Rummy

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