More pool prior to the holidays Friendship Center 1-2-13

Posted January 2, 2013 at 8:00 am

More pool prior to the holidays

The potluck dinner on December 20 was a fun day. We brought items for an “informal” auction and had fun spending play money for the items. Pool and Snooker were afternoon fun for those who play the tables. Some Pinochle cards also were played.


Friendship Center

Pool news: Snooker was the game on the evening of December 19, with only two players having a fun time for a couple of hours. Bob Slunecka out-shot his opponent Warren Skinner, who was incapable of keeping out of the scratch area and once in a while actually pocketing a regulation “red solid.” Needless to say “Snooker Skinner” got beat.

The second game was the same way but the names were changed around! Bob studied “Skinny” so much he shot like him! Bad news. tit-tat reverse roles. You would have to see it to believe. This time Skinner won and Slunecka had to eat humble pie. I eat that kind every so often but apple pie is better! We had fun, but we need more players, so swallow your pride and come in and join us on Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m.

December 20: 8-ball pool-only three regulars played most of the time. Don Stevens filled in and he has played pool before. Only 15 minutes, but the potential is there. Other players were George Mogle, Warren Skinner and Merv Mewes until lunchtime, when Mogle went to the card tables. Mewes played cards after winning both games at the Snooker table. And when the smoke cleared –we had a good time

December 21: All the barrels were shot out when the last game of the day came up. Jim DeGeest, Merv Mewes, George Mogle and Warren Skinner were all tied up at 5 to 5. We were doing great most of the time, but when the “P S Worlds Championship” came up, it was a great game, and won by Skinner and Mogle. It was fierce all the way, and they sang a duet over the losing team of DeGeest and Mewes. Great shooting by all players. And a great day just before the holiday of Christmas.

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