Miller Speedway races open June 7

Posted June 13, 2013 at 11:29 am

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After two wet weekends the races finally got underway at the Miller Speedway June 7. The races were sponsored by Mid-Dakota Rural Water. Thirty-five cars were on hand despite the chilly evening, and there were several new local drivers.

The Clark Pump N Pak UCAR feature led off the night. Tre Blasdell led all the way, but he was hounded start to finish by Bowdry Morris and Jordon Kienow, who finished right behind him, with Curt Manning and Robert Ross rounding out the top five. It was Blasdell’s fourth feature win at the Miller Speedway.

Next up were the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, Lorin Johnson jumped off the front row and took the lead. But instead of the expected runaway, David Carlson stuck to Johnson the rest of the way, but couldn’t make the pass. Adam Brotherton, Spence Pollock and Lane Johnson followed. It was Johnson’s 39th win at the Speedway in a Midwest Mod, and it was also his son Lane’s first ever top-five finish.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks had a good turnout of cars trimmed by several mechanical failures in the heats. But they still put on a good race with Bill Leimbach leading the first six laps until Grady Myers took over and led Leimbach, Blayne Baloun, Jeremy Sengelmann and Casey Carstens. It was Myers’ second win in the Street Stocks.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks topped things off with the best race of the night. Dustin Arthur led the first two laps David Carlson made his move and took the lead. Arthur didn’t give up and squeezed under Carlson to retake the lead on lap 9. At the finish it was Arthur, Carlson, Lorin Johnson, Cole Searing and Jeremy North. It was Arthur’s 15th WISSOTA Super Stock win at the Miller Speedway.

Races are every Friday night through August 9. Starting time is 7:30.

WISSOTA Super Stock main: 1. Dustin Arthur, St. Lawrence 2. David Carlson, Huron 3. Lorin Johnson, Miller 4. Cole Searing, Huron 5. Jeremy North, Huron DNF: Tony Terrill, Clark; Alan Dorris, Wolsey

Heat: Johnson, Searing, Carlson, Arthur, North

WISSOTA Midwest Modified main: 1. Lorin Johnson, Miller 2. David Carlson, Huron 3. Adam Brotherton, Huron 4. Spence Pollock, Miller 5. Lane Johnson, Miller 6. Britt Williams, Fort Pierre 7. Jim Danburg, Miller 8. Hayden Herman, Miller 9. Kyle Carter, Wolsey DNS: Trenton Jones, Highmore

Heat 1: Carlson, Williams, Carter, Danburg, Lane Johnson

Heat 2: Lorin Johnson, Brotherton, Pollock, Jones

WISSOTA Street Stock main: 1. Grady Myers, Ethan 2. Bill Leimbach, Fort Pierre 3. Blayne Baloun, St. Lawrence 4. Jeremy Sengelmann, Dallas 5. Casey Carstens, Mitchell 6. Evan Wieseler, St. Lawrence DNF: Michael Hammill, Miller DNS: Kyle Bertsch, St. Lawrence; Joel Sengelmann, Pierre; Craig Hoffer, Winner; Jeff Rawstern, Blunt

Heat 1: Baloun, Carstens, Leimbach, Jeremy Sengelmann, Wieseler

Heat 2: Myers, Hammill, Joel Sengelmann, Bertsch

Clark Pump N Pak UCAR main: 1. Tre Blasdell, Miller 2. Bowdry Morris, St. Lawrence 3. Jordan Kienow, Miller 4. Curt Manning, Miller 5. Robert Ross, St. Lawrence 6. Wally Ufen, Miller DNF: Brandon Hammill, Miller

Heat: Manning, Blasdell, Morris, Kienow, Hammill

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LORIN JOHNSON, MILLER, was the feature winner in the WISSOTA Midwest Modified #3.

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DUSTIN ARTHUR, St. Lawrence, won the feature in the WISSOTA Super Stock #21X.