Miller JH track teams place high at Mobridge

Posted May 21, 2013 at 5:21 pm

Jarek Kindle, son of Calvin and Erin Kindle, broke the 7th grade triple jump record with a jump of 32 ft. 4 in. This breaks his brother, Carter Kindle’s record of 31 ft. 6 1/2 in. set in 2011.

Miller junior high boys’ and girls’ track teams scored well at the Central Conference meet May 11 in Mobridge.

The boys’ team placed first, with 175 points. They were followed by Mobridge Pollock, Chamberlain, Potter County, Faulkton, Sully Buttes and Highmore Harrold.

The boys also set four new, impressive records.

In the 200-meter dash, Henry Mullaney set a new record with 00:26.06.

Jarek Kindle set a new record in triple jump, at 32 feet, 4:00 inches.

Marshall Johnson set a new record in discus, at 155 feet, 8:00 inches. Eric Turner placed eighth, at 86 feet, 10.25 inches.

Miller’s “A” team also set a new record in the 4×100 relay, at 00:51.31. Participants were Jarek Kindle, Devin Letsche, Cody Bevers and Henry Mullaney.

The “B” team placed third, at 00:54.30.

Other boys’ events results:

100-meter dash – Jaren Wharton, 1st, 00:12.58; Devin Letsche, 8th, 00:13.44.

400-meter dash – Cody Bevers, 2nd, 01:00.84; Dylan Fulton, 4th, 01:02.96; Eric Hasart, 6th, 01:04.31; Hunter Russell, 7th, 01:05.18; Trevor Parmely, 8th, 01:06.84

100 hurdles – Jaren Wharton, 2nd, 00:15.99; Evan Steers, 6th, 00:17.96

800-meter run – Cody Bevers, 2nd, 02:38.84

1600-meter run – Hunter Russell, 1st, 05:41.32; Connor Bertsch, 3rd, 06:20.22

Long jump – Dylan Fulton, 7th, 13 ft., 1.50 in.

High jump – Evan Steers, 3rd, 4 ft., 3.00 in.; Trevor Parmely, 7th, 3 ft. 11.00 in.

Shot put – Marshall Johnson, 2nd, 40 ft., 6.75 in.; Eric Turner, 7th, 31 ft., 3.75 in.

4×200 relay – Miller “A”, 4th, 02:00.37; Miller “B”, 5th, 02:01.83

4×400 relay – Miller “A”, 1st, 04:11.37; Miller “B”, 2nd, 04:12.93

800 medley relay – Steven Fernholz, 3rd, 02:04.31; Eric Turner, 4th, 02:07.42; Caleb DeBoer, 7th, 02:30.64

The girls’ junior high team placed third, with 72.00 points. Mobridge Pollock was first, and Potter County was second.

Girls’ events results:

100-meter dash – Shaly Werdel, 1st, 00:14.09

200-meter dash – Shaly Werdel, 2nd, 00:29.78; Karly Beckett, 6th, 00:31.06

400-meter dash – Sarah Martchinske, 7th, 01:18.75

100 hurdles – Shaly Werdel, 2nd, 00:18.59; Annie Keeter, 8th, 00:22.15

Long jump – Shaly Werdel, 1st, 13 ft., 11.75 in.; Annie Keeter, 7th, 10 ft., 10.50 in.

Triple jump – Annie Keeter, 2nd, 25 ft., 1.00 in.

Discus – Taylor Schlechter, 5th, 61 ft., 3:00 in.

4×100 relay – Miller “A”, 3rd, 01:03.03; Miller “B”, 8th, 01:13.18

4×200 relay – Miller, 4th, 02:12.56

800 medley relay – Mackayln Fulton, 5th, 02:28.30


Henry Mullaney, son of Rob and Sandra Mullaney, broke the 7th grade boy’s 200 meter dash record with a time of 26:06. This breaks John Peterman’s record of 26:07 set in 1995.


Marshall Johnson, son of Jerry and Lynn Johnson, broke the 8th grade discuss record with a throw of 155 ft 8 in. This breaks Ryan Resel’s record of 155 ft. set in 1989.

JH Track, Sargent.jpg

Cole Sargent broke, for the second time in a week, the 8th grade mile run record with a time of 4:56. This breaks his own record of 4:57 set last week.


This 7th grade boy’s 4x100 meter relay team broke the 7th grade record with a time of 51:31. This breaks the previous record time of 51.6 set in 1995. Members of this relay team are Jarek Kindle, Henry Mullaney, Devin Letsche and Cody Bevers. The Central Conference Meet in Mobridge on Saturday, May 11 was a big day for the Jr. High track team. The boys’ team won first place and the girls’ team placed third overall. In addition the team broke five school records that day.