Many attend Timmerman anniversary celebration Gann Valley 9-26-12

Posted September 25, 2012 at 6:01 pm

Lana Anfinson, Waubay, and Dulcy Sinkie visited Juanita Sinkie at her home Sunday.

Wade and Lana Anfinson and Matthew, Waubay, were Saturday evening and Sunday guests at the Matt and Dulcy Sinkie home.


Gann Valley

Henry Joe Sinkie, Hill City, was a Friday night and Saturday forenoon guest at the Juanita Sinkie home.

The above folks attended Ralph and Connie Timmerman’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration in Wessington Springs at the 4-H Building Saturday.

Ellen Speck called on Connie Timmerman Friday evening in Wessington Springs to congratulate her on their 50th anniversary.

Area residents who were among the many who attended the 50th wedding anniversary celebration honoring Ralph and Connie Timmerman at Wessington Springs included Judy Gaulke, Linda Ness, Gene and Carol Grabin, Evelyn and Amanda Wulff and Elaine Wulff.

Gene and Carol Grabin accompanied the Eastern Star members to the Woonsocket Nursing Home for an entertainment show.

St. Placidus anniversary update

St. Placidus Church’s 125th Anniversary was wonderful!  A large crowd came to hear Bishop Paul Swain celebrate the Mass.  He was assisted by Fr. Andrew Young, Msgr. Ed Burian, and Fr. Jim Friedrich.

Many folks were present that had been married in St. Placidus, including: Justin Penrod and Stacey Yost; Wade Yost and Tara Novak; Mike Ames and Flor Pernito Pineda; Robert Scholten and Cheri Weber; Charley Yost; Janet Abernathy; William Etbauer; Leland Cain (Bev was at work); and Eleanor Brothanek was married to Herman Viereck.

Attending from the Cedar Church was Lavonne Crawford who married Bayard Puffer in October 1942.  Lavonne and Bud Puffer will be celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary in October 2012!

There were several families whose children were the sixth generation to attend St. Placidus Duncan Church. They were Kevin and Tricia Cain’s four boys; Dave Geiver’s son; Stacey Penrod’s daughter; Christina Christensen’s three sons; Wade Yost’s son; Allan Knippling’s children; and Jerri Ann Haak’s four children.

A potluck dinner was held under the large tent.

The youngest attendee was Kortnee Blake, who was celebrating her first birthday. She enjoyed the Happy Birthday song. She clapped and smiled when everyone sang to her.  (The day before, big brother Logan was two years old.)  These are children of Kori and Brent Blade.

The oldest attendee was 90 year old, Margaret Knippling.

Many pictures were on display.  Kathleen Biever brought the original 1901 Marriage License and Certificate of Peter Geiver and Mary Ann Donahue.  Father Alex Bombera, of Pennsylvania, sent pictures of him with Mother Teresa and Bishop Sheen.

Mary Knippling had the children play many fun games.

There are still some booklets and cups available.

Anyone can Google “Salls Country Life” to view pictures of the day.

Temperatures have gotten down to 28 for a couple of nights, but are warming back up again to daytime 70s and 80s.

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Many attend Timmerman anniversary celebration