Luikens attends acclaimed seminar

Posted October 1, 2013 at 7:21 pm

Luikens attends acclaimed seminar

Mandy Luikens of Reck Funeral Home recently completed 23 contact hours of specialized embalming and reconstructive training as part of Fountain National Academy’s “Embalming Skills Seminar.”

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MANDY LUIKENS holds her certificate after completing the skills seminar.

Held at the Fountain National Academy’s Training Facility in Springfield, Missouri, the seminar focused on highly specialized embalming techniques and included special surgical techniques. These techniques advanced the skill level of the professional embalmers attending regarding general embalming techniques and post-mortem reconstructive surgery techniques.

A professional embalmer is often called upon to prepare a deceased that has several traumatic disfiguring injuries. In these situations, reconstructive techniques are necessary to achieve an acceptable appearance of the deceased to enable viewing by family and friends.

Dedicated professional embalmers understand that performance of reconstructive surgery on a deceased to achieve open casket viewing provides an important and powerful psychological benefit for the grieving and mourning process of the family and friends.

Fountain National Academy’s world headquarters is based in Springfield, Mo., with representatives in Ireland, Wales and Australia. Instructor Vernie R. Fountain is internationally recognized for his expertise in this field. He states that Luikens’ participation in the seminar is an expression of devotion and dedication to the highest standards of embalming and post mortem reconstructive surgery care.