Long and winding road 10-9-13

Posted October 8, 2013 at 6:13 pm

Long and winding road

If you are a regular reader of my periodic articles in The Miller Press, you will realize I often tie a music theme to my topic. The Beatles provide me with the theme for this particular entry and very fitting as you will find out as you read on.


Mike Ruth, Superintendent, Miller School District

October 2008 is where our road began when the Miller School Board met to discuss the possibility of a school district contribution to the community center project. The discussion about the pros and cons of using school district dollars for a community center project led directly to the decision to embark on the elementary building project.

And now here we are: Somewhere on the path of a long and winding road. The road we traveled was not without bumps and sidetracks. We all learned plenty along the way. Some of the things we learned were not so positive and came with difficulties.

However, some of the things we have learned have been greatly positive. We have learned what a resourceful, helpful, and progressive thinking community we live in. I ask the following question: Where else does the county, city, and school work so closely together to build a street, parking lots, and enhance safety for students than in Miller? We have a great community that has stepped in and helped us get closer to the finish line than we ever thought possible.

We have learned what fantastic, flexible and patient staff and parents we are blessed with. As we started the school year many questions remained—bus drop-offs, which direction do I travel, where can I park, how can we coordinate two lunch lines, where can I enter the building….? And there are still questions to answer. We still have parts of our building that are not working exactly how we want them to work.

However, as a community we have embraced the challenges. Our progressive community continues to grow. I am not entirely certain where we are at on the “long and winding road” and to which “door” it leads. I do know that the community of Miller will continue to grow and thrive. I am excited the school district is such a vital part of this growth.