Life’s uncertainty makes it even more precious

Posted March 5, 2013 at 5:12 pm

Life is uncertain. That has been made very clear to me over the past two months.

Just before Christmas, Mike’s sister, Betty, said she was not feeling the best, but everything would be fine. A week after Christmas, we receive the call his sister-in-law, Shirley, has been rushed to Sioux Falls with a mass on her liver. A vibrant, loving wife and mother, in the matter of two days, is lying in a bed fighting for her life. All the family gathered with her, her husband and children in a small family room in Sioux Falls.


From the Publishers

Being the strongest of us all, she rallies and comes back from the brink, to make her family smile one last time. We lost my sister-in-law, Shirley Caviness on Monday, Jan 21. It was a shock to all as she seemed to be on the mend, and we thought that we were going to be able to have her with us much longer.

Still trying to see the way through this tragedy, I receive a call from Arizona that a life-long friend was at the end of her long battle with cancer. I first met Judy and her family when I was only seven years old. Throughout my growing years, it’s hard to think of a memory that did not include the Buescher family. 

I was in Arizona when we lost Judy on February 20, 2013. I saw her children gather the strength to help their mother during her last days. I saw the enormous love they had for their mother. It was a beautiful thing.

But now back to the start—Mike’s sister Betty. She has been in the hospital in Sioux Falls since Shirley’s funeral; in a coma for two weeks, the last week at Rochester Mayo Clinic. Doctors are still struggling to even give us an explanation. The family is again gathered at the hospital, praying and sharing strength.

Life is really too short and uncertain. I will try to remember this lesson, Lord.