Posted April 10, 2013 at 1:50 pm

The Miller Press encourages letters to the editor and intends to print the opinions of Press readers in full with as few restrictions as possible. The restrictions being

• All letters MUST BE SIGNED and the name of the writer will be printed with all letters published.


Editorials & Opinions

• If the writer is unable to submit the letter in person to satisfactorily identify him/herself, a telephone number and address must be included in the mailed or emailed letter. The editors will make verification before publication and will not print the address or phone number.

• Letters will not be published from people who reside outside the local area unless written about a local topic. Letters endorsing political candidates will not be accepted, however discussion of issues will be acceptable. Letters of a commercial nature will not be published.

• Letters should be of a constructive nature, limited to 250-300 words, not contain offensive language or be libelous. We reserve the right to edit..

• The editor is responsible for whether a letter will be used, but must bring to the attention of the publisher all questionable letters. The publisher reserves the right to reject any letter.