Legislative Highlights 1-30-13

Posted January 28, 2013 at 4:35 pm

Greetings from the land of common sense and fiscal soundness. South Dakota is on the path to retaining our number-one tax status in America, meaning we leave more money in your pockets than any other state where they continue pick-pocketing the private sector to grow the public sector. That much we can agree on easily.

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HB 1087; the School Sentinel protection bill, passed out of the Education Committee and is coming to the House Floor on Tuesday of this week and by the time you read this it will either have been approved for Senate review or tabled. This bill will be hotly debated. SB 70 is on its way to the House and should pass easily. SB 70 is the Public Safety Improvement Act, which will alleviate over burdening of our prisons. We also passed HB

1066 which takes off the sun-setting of the one and a half penny tax mostly paid by tourists aiding in expanding our tourism industry.

HB 1126, which I primed, abolishes the board of massage therapy. Many of you might be wondering why a cattle rancher is concerned with this. Then-Governor Janklow abolished this board once saying that licensing of any industry is only valid in getting rid of bad actors. S.D. then saw about a thousand complaints concerning doctors and lawyers, a few hundred from dentists and chiropractors, and a dozen or so on all other licensing bodies but zero complaints on any massage therapist. They don’t give out any drugs or write prescriptions, do acupuncture, take any x-rays, use any chemicals in their work or invade the skin and have had zero complaints from the public so licensing is only a government intrusion into their business.

Many have asked me to bring this bill and we will find out if the majority of the House agrees with me this week.

We also fixed some of the problems concerning the Anderson Seed

Company fiasco from last year, which many in District 23 were negatively affected by with the PUC bill; HB 1017 which we passed out of the Ag Committee unanimously this past week. A fix was done to some improper amendments added to the Perpetual Care Cemetery bill from last year and we had a PCC board member testify in HB 1125 & 1127’s favor. Both of those bills were put on the consent calendar which means they had no dissenting votes and should need no explanation on the House floor for passage.

Monday of this week we will finally see all the bills which have been written for the 2013 session and from here on we look forward to crossover day, when all bills must be out of their respective house of origin. Please allow some time for a visit if you ever plan on coming to Pierre to see your government at work.

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Legislative Highlights