Leaders plan new lunch stand, bathrooms at 4-H grounds

Posted January 28, 2013 at 4:52 pm

With determination, and looking toward the future, the Hand County 4-H Leaders Association is on a quest to raise funds for a 4-H grounds building project.

Mike Moncur, president of the association, says the goal is to build a new lunch stand and new bathrooms at the 4-H grounds. The new facilities are sorely needed, says Moncur, and in fact the old bathrooms were taken down last fall. That adds motivation to get construction underway as soon as possible come spring.

“We want the buildings ready for Achievement Days, and hopefully long before that,” Moncur said.

At this point, the focus is to raise enough money to see the project through.

“We’ve already raised $13,000, and we’ve applied for a grant,” Moncur explained.

They’re also now offering 1,000 tickets at $20 each for what Moncur calls “large” prizes. The grand prize is a zero-turn riding lawnmower.

The idea behind the “large” prizes is to make it worthwhile for the purchaser. Results will be announced at a later date. Contact Moncur, 354-3713 or any 4-H Leader or member for more information.

Donations are also gratefully accepted.

“The facilities at the 4-H grounds get more use than many people realize,” Moncur commented. “FFA, as well as 4-H members, use the grounds for practice and other activities. It’s utilized well beyond Achievement Days.”

Moncur is dedicated to seeing 4-H thrive in Hand County. Keeping facilities well maintained at the 4-H grounds is one way of demonstrating the positive attitude about the future of 4-H.