Kristal Volquardsen is new American Family Insurance agent

Posted May 1, 2013 at 4:54 pm

Since March 1, Kristal Volquardsen has officially been the American Family Insurance agent in the Miller area.

She worked two years for Del Wurz, who was the agent until his death February 21. Volquardsen says he served as her mentor.

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KRISTAL VOLQUARDSEN enjoys “educating” the public about insurance, and what is best for their situation.
Ruth A. Moller|The Miller Press

“I began on a part-time basis, then went to full time,” says Volquardsen. “I began as an agent-in-training March 1, 2012.”

She explains that a long “interview process” is involved, and she spent some five months meeting with different persons in the business, in preparation to become an independent agent.

She also spent seven weeks training at a regional office in Eden Prairie, Minn.

“The corporate headquarters are located in Madison, Wis., and there are five regional offices,” Volquardsen explained.

American Family Insurance and its agents serve 19 states, including South Dakota.

Volquardsen is originally from Tilden, Neb. She received a bachelor of science degree from the University of South Dakota. She and her husband Nehemia, who is the Hand County Emergency Management manager, moved to Miller October 23, 2011.

“I feel comfortable here,” she commented, noting that Miller and her hometown, and neighboring towns in Nebraska are comparable in size.

Prior to beginning work with Wurz, Volquardsen says she had experience working with health insurance.

“I really enjoy educating people about insurance,” she notes. “I like to serve the customer, and go above and beyond…which includes evenings and weekends. I want to do whatever I can for my customers.”

Volquardsen’s work includes much more than simply selling insurance. “I also service the policies, and like to do a yearly policy review to make sure the customer is fully covered, and has the right coverage for their situation.”

American Family insurance policies can cover auto, home, renter, life, business, farm and ranch, health and dental, as well as such additional areas as annuities, IRAs, bonds and long-term care.

“I consider this my career,” says Volquardsen. “And for me, honesty is the number one thing. I want to give my customers the best service available.”

She may be reached at 853-3324.