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January 11, 1913

Mr. John G. Meppen passed away about midnight Friday, Jan. 3, aged 83 years, after a very brief illness. The deceased was born in Germany in 1829, and was a sailor, following the sea for 25 years. He came to Hand County in 1883, settling in Alden Township, afterward moving to Greenleaf.

Messrs. Moody and Mitchell sold their interest in the hotel to A.O. Johnson, and departed Saturday evening for the East with their families, Fred Moody for Milwaukee and Grover Mitchell to Arcola, Ill. The boys are energetic fellows, strictly on the square, and we wish them success wherever they go.

Monday morning was the coldest of the season thus far. The thermometer registered 30 below zero before sunrise. There was little or no wind, and the cold was not severe.

January 12, 1923

The Clemons boys, west of town, have installed a radio outfit, purchased through A.W. Dale, local agent. Virgil Gardiner, H.H. Gardner and Harry Gardner have outfits ordered that will be here this week.

Hugh McKelvey met with a very painful accident Tuesday, while stacking hay. One hand was caught in one of the pulleys, crushing two fingers so badly that it was necessary to go to Miller for medical attention.

Letter (partial) to Mrs. Ramey from Bessie Lindsay, Columbia, Mo.: I have not heard from you for a long time, so I thought I would take this way of reminding you that I am still living and that I think of you. I often wonder how you are. Quite often I notice interesting articles in the “Review,” but I do not get much information regarding anyone in particular. I am afraid Ree Heights is having another hard year, or rather, has had another. I thought the crop this year was good; I surely hope so.

January 13, 1933

The house on the farm occupied by the Hoisington family north of Ree Heights was destroyed by fire during the high winds Tuesday.

Dave Paine and Glen Johnson and Alex Watowey and Leland Steele took two truck loads of hogs to Sioux City Sunday. They returned with a load of corn Tuesday.

The Campbell Township Literary Club held their regular meeting Saturday night. It was well attended and a good time was had by all. A two and one-half hour play is to be given at their next meeting, January 21. The name of the play is “Two Days to Marry.” Everyone is welcome to attend.

January 15, 1943

Mrs. Roger Paine was hostess to a group of ladies Tuesday evening, honoring Mrs. L.H. Cowan, who is leaving Sunday with her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Gale Cowan, to join their husbands at Long Beach, Calif., where they are working on defense.

The Nick Steele family moved to Pierre Thursday of last week. Nick is employed at the air base. They sold their trailer to Bob Leyson, who moved it to the farm for Mr. and Mrs. Jay Nation, who were recently married, and who will work for them.

January 16, 1953

A snowstorm in the form of a little blizzard set in here Wednesday evening and continued all forenoon Thursday. Traffic for the most part was tied up due to poor visibility. There was no great amount of snow, but what there was, was piled high.

Funeral services for Mrs. Ingeman Ebbesen, Huron, were held Tuesday afternoon in the Lutheran Church in Miller. Marie Sivertsen was born September 6, 1893, at Fort Thompson. When a small child, she came to Hand County with her parents. She attended school in Como Township and Ree Heights, later graduating from Chamberlain sanitarium and hospital as a registered nurse.

Thieves broke into the Hammill Grocery Store in Ree Heights Monday night, doing away with over $300 worth of groceries and some cash. They made their entry through a window at the rear of the store, through the basement. It was thought by Sheriff Roy Haas that the loot was carried away in a pickup truck.

January 11, 1963

Mr. and Mrs. James Beranek, who live at Prairie Center, were honored with an open house to celebrate their 58th anniversary. Mrs. Beranek was born in a sod house at Tabor and came here with her parents in 1892. She married James Beranek in 1905. They had lived all their lives before coming to Prairie Center on their farm south of Ree Heights, except for three years spent in Miller during World War I.

Fire destroyed the county warehouse and its contents, including the maintainer here Thursday morning. Cause of the fire is unknown. Ivan Hancock, local maintainer opeator, had been doing some repair work in the building and had just left for a few minutes when the fire broke out.

January 12, 1973

A bequest of $1,000 from the estate of the late Ernest Hatch has been received by the Miller Civic and Commerce Association to be used for installing a riprap on the north shore line of Lake Louise adjacent to the swimming beach. Mr. Hatch, for a number of years was in charge of maintenance of the grounds and recreational area at Lake Louise and was intensely interested in the improvement of the area.

Worship services were cancelled on Sunday because of the severe blizzard conditions on Saturday. Mrs. Roma Esschilman, returning from her vacation at Tulsa, Okla. and Omaha, Neb., was forced to stay in Sioux City until travel was permissible again.

January 14, 1983

Allen Hanson and girls attended the open house in Miller for Mr. and Mrs. Anton Ruzicka’s 55th wedding anniversary Sunday afternoon. Later they went to the Steve Kutz home at Highmore for birthday cake for Mrs. Lyman Hanson.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Fawcett and boys attended the basketball game at DeSmet Saturday evening.

The American Legion and Auxiliary will have their annual oyster stew supper on Sunday, Jan. 16 in the Legion Hall at 6 p.m.

from the files of the

Ree Heights Review

compiled by

Jeanie Hartman